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The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.

τὸ εὔδαιμον τὸ ἐλεύθερον, τὸ δ' ἐλεύθερον τὸ εὔψυχον

That was expressed somewhere around 400 B.C.

"Neither Courage nor Freedom can be purchased with an entitlement check." -FourWindsTradingPost

And that was said at about 4:00 PM today.

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Two arrested for pursuit of happiness in Philidelphia


“We thought it would be a good time and it turns out it is,” said Pete. Minutes later, Philadelphia police stopped the men and hauled them away in handcuffs. When Dray asked why the men were being arrested, he said the officers replied, “for lack of common sense.”

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