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Infowars Insider Reports On GOP Strategist Saying That Paul Can Win GOP Nomination

The free subscription email newsletter has this article about the segment on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch with the Judge interviewing GOP Strategist Jack Burkman.

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By Paul Joseph Watson

Republican Strategist Jack Burkman told Fox Business host Judge Andrew Napolitano that "Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination," given the fact that Perry and Romney's campaigns have started to crumble whereas Herman Cain has no real political experience.

Watch the video here - http://youtu.be/QQF4LbLq-fk

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Herman Cain Exposed: The Federal Reserve Chairman

As most of us already know, the Federal Reserve [Fed] came under expansive scrutiny in 2008 after the housing bubble burst and reaped havoc on our dollar. What most people don’t know is why the Federal Reserve came under fire. The absence of that knowledge creates a lack of conviction and rectifying our economic problems can only occur when both knowledge and conviction are achieved. The majority of Americans perceive our Federal Reserve as necessary and integral to our economy, as air is to our respiratory system.

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Fed Insider Cain Caught In Brazen Debate Lie

By Paul Joseph Watson

Establishment favorite and former Federal Reserve insider Herman Cain brazenly lied during last night’s Republican debate when he denied that he had opposed an audit of the Fed, a claim that was proven false within hours by Ron Paul’s campaign team.


Read More: http://www.infowars.com/fed-insider-cain-caught-in-brazen-de...

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Herman Cain Forums freaking out over Judge video : Everyone I spoke too at Occupy DC said they are voting for Ron Paul HAHAHA!

This is priceless, they are all talking about it on facebook now too, HAHAHA!

We need to start posting over there and convert some of these people if we can.

Check it out : http://www.hermancainforums.com/index.php/topic,1015.0.html

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Ron Paul Double Pwns Herman Cain and Disses Alan Greenspan

Here's the latest in the Ron Paul PWNAGE series:


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Video Update : Did Cain out Flip Romney or did Ron Paul Face Plant the Fed?

Cain Tries a back flip of his own and Ron Paul face Plants the Fed.
Video collection of the fed, Cain, Paul and the solution of competing currencies.


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Herman Cain's 666 plan

With Herman Cain's 666 plan, I mean 999 plan, it would add a 9% National sales tax on new items to my 1% Cherokee County sales tax and my 6% South Carolina sales tax, making my total sales tax 16%! Im going to open a Thrift store and then I might survive him!

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Herman Cain Flip-Flop List

This is my current facebook status.

"I liked Herman Cain the first time I heard him because he spoke confidently and did not have political baggage, and a lot of people are really liking him this month, but I am very concerned about his lack of conviction on some very important issue and his lack of understanding for liberty and economics.

Herman Cain flip Flops on Federal Reserve Audit: http://youtu.be/gTUseC3-Q8E
Herman Cain Flip Flops on the Debt Ceiling: http://youtu.be/kPI8h79cunk
Herman Cain Flip Flops on Killing of Al-Awlaki: http://youtu.be/NPQw1xkAEow

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Spamming facebook for Ron

Candidate facebook pages are a wonderful opportunity to confront opponent's supporters. Unanswerable questions are the most entertaining.

For example, I've been asking Herman Cain supporters why Herman doesn't like to be called Federal Reserve Chairman Cain.

At first, they say stuff like it would be the same as calling him high school student Cain, ie., a title that no longer applies. Then you can remind them that Romney is still referred to as Governor, Gingrich is still called Speaker etc.

You know you've got them when they start calling you vulgar names.

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Locally, OWS = HCEC

I say this based on my experience attending the local OWS chapter here that, despite their best intentions, they're unwittingly becoming the "Herman Cain Election Committee" (HCEC) since all they do is prop up and reinforce the status quo b.s.

There are some in there interested about the Fed, but the majority seem hung up on things that have nothing to do with unemployment and student loans which is what drew my interest to attend.

I think I'm going to organize with all the other RPers in my area and launch an "Occupy The Fed" (OTF) chapter and post up nearby OWS.

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Herman Cain Exposed: Immigration & Border Conrol

Herman Cain’s immigration plan involves building a colossal wall well over 700 miles long and 20 feet tall envisioned in the same vein as the Great Wall of China.(link) He completes his vision by incorporating an electrified section at the top of the wall and an alligator moat on the other side.(link) Estimated costs would project at over $50 billion (link) His supporters embrace this idea, but do they really take into consideration what the repercussions could be? Furthermore, do we honestly believe that this expensive and immoral act would actually end illegal immigration?

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Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain ALWAYS!

UPDATE! google Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain... Guess whats at the top!!! YEP this thread....

Refer to him as Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain. We effectively eliminated Rick Perry by getting out info about his Democrat roots and the HPV issue. We have a VERY large internet presence.

Here is what we need to do. The media always refer to Cain as businessman Herman Cain and I have run into many Tea Party people that didn't know Cain was a former KC Fed Reserve Chairman and that changes there mind.

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Herman Cain Exposed: The 9-9-9 Tax Plan

Herman Cain’s movement towards a flat tax is his widely coveted 9-9-9 plan which looks very attractive from a distance. However, upon further scrutiny one finds that this system may be much worse than the current flawed system.

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Herman Cain Exposed: The Patriot Act

Herman Cain said recently in an interview with The Atlantic (link) that he agrees with 90% of The Patriot Act, which is arguably the most detrimental attack on our civil liberties since our emancipation from the British in 1776. When asked what the 10% he disagreed with was, he only gave a vague dismissive response, which indicates that he probably hasn’t read it (as most people haven’t) but wanted to retain for himself an exit strategy if ever criticized on the issue.

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