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Herman Cain's Mine Mine all Mine plan shifts taxes to the poor

Herman Cain's 999 plan accomplishes nothing except shifts taxes to the poor, making the nation even poorer as a result.

Under the current system all people pay approximately the same percentage in income to taxes. Poor people pay a disproportionate amount of their income for consumable goods, which percentage wise equates to the higher percentages the rich pay in the progressive income tax system.

Herman Cain's 999 plan levies a new tax, a national sales tax, upon all people which the poor will feel the brunt of worse, while removing the progressive income tax from the rich.

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Herman Cain 999 Now Leading!


Herman Cain has come storming from behind, stealing votes from Perry and Romney to take the lead in a new Zogby poll.

Perry's support has plummeted. Thank God. I think Cain is doing so well because of his intense focus on his PLAN. I know we laugh at his 999 plan but at least he offers something.

I was thinking in the last debate, "Cain always find a way to mention his plan and how to get us out of this mess, people will like that". He's also very likable.

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Herman Cain is Bad for America and not a Conservative


Ron Paul friends. We need to get hot on finding info on why Herman Cain is not good. We did a great job exposing Rick Perry, but now we need to expose Herman Cain. Don't take this guy lightly. I just left the Florida Straw Poll. We need ammunition so we can expose this guy for the shill that he is. Please post about him, write articles about him, and spread the word so we can have better talking points! Thank you!

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Have a good laugh....Herman Cain's Gospel Album from ten years ago....

Ok, this really doesn't have much to do with the campaign, and hey, maybe you'll actually like Herman's voice.... but if you're anything like me, you'll get a nice laugh out of this.
The production quality is oh so digital, instruments and all.... haha. Enjoy. (oh, and just so nobody jumps my case over this, I am NOT trying to insult Christians or gospel music... I think Herman Cain does enough of that on his own...hehe).


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You folks are not growing the movement with your negative attitudes against other candidates!

I thought the goal was to get people talking about and coming to Ron Paul's way of thinking? You seem to bash Cain for guilty by association without any proof otherwise. Hasn't Ron told us that our goal is to get people to start thinking and talking like him? By bashing people and calling them neocons, traitors, morons, idiots and worse is going against everything Ron Paul has tried to teach you?

Your negative attitudes will not bring people our way but surely drive them away, calling someone names will not win them over.

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