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The Hill - Paul Plans Constitution Day 'Money Bomb' Fundraiser

For some Americans, Constitution Day, Sept. 17, might be nothing more than a footnote on their tear-off daily desk calendars. But for Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), whose libertarian candidacy for the Republican nomination consistently evokes constitutional themes, the day is one to be celebrated — and fundraised around.

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The Hill - Ron Paul raises $1.8M in 24 hours

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised $1.8 million in 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday, a major online “money bomb” timed to coincide with his 76th birthday. This is the fourth time Paul has raised more than $1 million in a day this campaign cycle, and a signal that he will have the money to compete as long as he wishes for the Republican presidential nomination.

The big haul came despite a cyberattack during the same time period that shut down Paul’s website for a few hours.

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