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Civil rights and revisionist history

Watch the following and checks these facts - it is something we all need to be aware ofhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xryXpK042pQ#!

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No Gold In Fort Knox? Brad Meltzer's Decoded on History Channel

Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Fort Knox

The gold at Fort Knox is protected by some of the tightest security in the world, but what if there's nothing there to guard at all? Brad and his team investigate a rumor that some think could damage the American economy.


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Islamic disenchantment with the West - in 1924

I am currently reading the novel Shackled by Achmed Abdullah, which was the nom de plume of Alexander Nicholayevitch Romanoff, who was quite a character himself. The novel was published in 1924. I was struck by the contemporary echoes in one passage. When I read it to my wife over breakfast, she said, "You should post that on the Daily Paul." So here it is (appropriately in the off-topic forum). Italics are in the original.

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History Channel's Brad Meltzer's Decoded New Episode: Investigating Fort Knox Vault. They emailed Ron Paul 4 or 5 questions.

To nights New episode was about Fort Knox Vault, They gave Ron Paul a Big Plug in the show! They email'd him 4 or 5 questions, an his answers were Great!

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Historians Politely Remind Nation To Check What's Happened In Past Before Making Any Big Decisions

The Onion
September 28, 2011 | ISSUE 47•39

WASHINGTON—With the United States facing a daunting array of problems at home and abroad, leading historians courteously reminded the nation Thursday that when making tough choices, it never hurts to stop a moment, take a look at similar situations from the past, and then think about whether the decisions people made back then were good or bad.

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Monetary History

Sweden's Monetary History


Copper 1668-1709
Paper 1709-1719 Suspected bank panic
Copper 1719-1745
Paper 1745-1776 Suspected bank panic
Silver 1777-1789
Paper 1789-1803 IRREDEEMABLE notes issued by the Debt Office came out, pushed out Riksbank redeem notes
Silver 1803-1809

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If Ron Paul had been President in 1914, the Holocaust Would Never Have Happened

I often encounter articles seeking to support America’s worldwide military interventionism by asking non-interventionists like Dr. Paul “What would you have done about Hitler?!”

I suggest the best response is to point out that if Dr. Paul had been President instead of Woodrow Wilson, there would never

have BEEN a Hitler. I invite you to evaluate my argument, and would love to receive your comments. I'm hoping this can become a widespread and effective counter to those who would use the Hitler question as a rhetorical cudgel against Dr. Paul.

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Nuclear Weapons: A Visual Timeline

Over 2,000 atomic bombs have been detonated worldwide since 1945. This is a brief timeline showing every blast on a world map up until 1998.


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A quote from a former president

I stumbled upon this quote today by President Grover Cleveland today, and this quote, as well as the context in which it was given (his speech as to why he vetoed $10,000 from congress to give to ailing farmers in the midwest), is alarmingly similar to our arguments:

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New Video "Change History - Ron Paul 2012"

I just made a new video with an epic feel to appeal to people who feel the problems are so big we can't just vote, we need to change history.

Change History Ron Paul 2012

Feedback welcome so I can improve it.

And for the record we need to change history no less.

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"History of Gold" US National Mining Assoc. 4K BC - 2K AD

Entry examples [Mark Twain notes bracketed]:

  • 4000 B.C. Eastern European area begins to use gold to fashion decorative objects. The gold was probably mined in the Transylvanian Alps or the Mount Pangaion area in Thrace.
  • 3000 B.C. The Sumer civilization of southern Iraq uses gold to create wide range of jewelry...
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Mike Maloney - Up Close and Personal - Why he hopes Ron Paul won't be president

Okay, this is the best reason I've heard for why Ron Paul should not win: if the collapse comes while he's in office, capitalism, libertarianism, and Ron Paul will get the blame. It's one that worries me.


Mike Maloney says he loves Ron Paul, but that's what he fears.

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Historical Proof for Free Market?

So i understand the logic behind all of Ron Paul's economic teachings, and they definitely make sense to me. Can anyone point me to specific historical evidence for its effectiveness? Like cultures around the world which have implemented the free market philosphies of austrian economics? Any good past civilizations or current? I somewhat familiar with Hong Kong...any others?

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Tom Woods smashes American Spectator hit piece

From TomWoods.com:

You know that article by Jeffrey Lord that’s been touted on the radio shows of Mark Levin, Michael Medved, and Rush Limbaugh? It’s toast.


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