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Make legal weed, states Frank-Paul marijuana bill

Legalizing cannabis is a concept that will not soon go away. Bi-partisan legislation sponsored by Massachusetts's Rep. Barney Frank and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas tries to get rid of control over cannabis from the federal government's metal grip. According to Reason, states will then have the ability to choose on their own the best way to manage cannabis, including how to get tax profits. Source for this article - Frank-Paul pot bill seeks to legalize marijuana by

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H.R. 2306 Marijuana Phone Bomb

Today is the first day of the Marijuana Phone Bomb in support of H.R. 2306. All week long we're calling our representatives and asking them to co-sponsor this legislation for the repeal of cannabis prohibition.

Now is the time to act. Nearly 50% of the country wants to legalize marijuana. Educate your friends and family about marijuana and ask them to join our efforts at

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HR 645: Is the government creating detainment camps? Ask Ron Paul.

Ron Paul comments on HR 645 and acknowledges our government is preparing for Civil Unrest.

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On the definition of fiat currency

The word “fiat” means to rule by decree. But nobody decreed that we must value dollars. We value dollars because the Fed possesses a portfolio of three-month T-Bills. We are confident that, should inflation threaten to turn into hyperinflation, the Fed can withdraw currency from society by selling those T-Bills and destroying the cash.

I discuss how this once happened in my paper, Is the Collapse of the Dollar Inevitable?

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