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Paul, Sanders on FEMA: Anti-Federalist vs. Federalist, or a Battle Over Bloat?

by Jarrett Stepman

In the wake of Hurricane Irene battering the East Coast, two senators of dramatically different ideologies, Sen. Ron Paul, a libertarian Republican from Texas, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, a far-left Socialist from Vermont, made bold statements regarding the effectiveness and existence of the Federal Emergency Management Agency​ (FEMA).

Before Irene even hit, Paul was airing his frustration with FEMA, which is a federal bureaucracy created to respond to national disasters.

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Devastation on the East Coast

Hello everyone; it's good to still be with you. I live in Southeastern PA. I would like to tell you all of my experience.

Tuesday Aug. 23, 2011

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Hurricane Season Not Over for GOP & Democrats - Hurricane Paul is coming.

It's rumored that the status quo party people and the media aren't as worried about Hurricane Irene as they are about Hurricane Paul. The media's actually a bit relieved that they have something to take the intense heat off their backs for their blatantly inept and intentional bumbling of lack of coverage of Ron Paul's increasingly powerful storm center and expanding tropical winds.

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Ron Paul: No FEMA response necessary

By NBC's Jo Ling Kent

GILFORD, N.H. -- After a lunch speech today, Ron Paul slammed the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, and said that no national response to Hurricane Irene is necessary.

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Stupidity of building on beach fronts. 2 more points scored by Dr. Paul.

When the leftist CNN itself publishes such an opinion on their front page... you know the Dr. opinions are spreading.

Yes, we should not pay for their re-building or provide them with insurance. If it is too dangerous, then they get cheaper land and pay for higher insurance... Free market solution.

Get the Fed out of selecting where people should build their houses and out of price fixing.

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Hurricane coverage

With all the camera crews in the east coast covering the hurricane I imagine a sign wave on the beach would get some coverage......

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Daily Paul Hurricane Irene Backup Location:

The DP's servers are in North Carolina, which is where Irene is supposed to hit first, and I'm in Boston, where she's supposed to arrive on Saturday night. We don't know yet how severe the storm will be, but in the event we get knocked offline, find us on Facebook at

Today is a brilliant, still, early autum day. The calm before the storm. Best of luck to everyone.

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