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A Campaign Idea for out of state activists

I live in WA, and I wanted to do more for the campaign in other states, so I decided to research businesses in Iowa and I created an e-mail about Ron Paul's views on taxes and the Economy; and how it would benefit their business.

This is the e-mail I sent. Let's start hitting up Iowa, New Hampshire,Nevada, and South Carolina!!!


The power to tax is the power to destroy, which is why Ron Paul never has, and never will support higher taxes.

Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:
He has never voted to raise taxes.

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Ron Paul: the Thinking Persons Candidate

The point of the title is that it requires intelligence to understand Dr. Paul's stances. Who doesn't like to think of themselves as intelligent? If we frame the debate this way, then we encourage everyone that considers themselves intelligent to join our cause.

If anyone makes T-shirts or bumper-stickers, I would buy one with this statement on one side and 'Vote Paul' on the other. Please contact me.

This makes it the 'in' thing only cool people do. It will become even more popular to support Paul.

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We Rule the Internet Right?

I'm a Ron Paul Supporter and I've watched Colbert's shameful week of show of support for Rick Parry that we all see as a sham. Sure he is a slut for the mainstream... my question is how do we tackle this MoFo. Somebody give an order here. I'm wracking my brain on WTF to do. I know somebody else knows how to grapple with the epic joke this man wants to play out.

It is EXTREMELY OBVIOUS over the past 5 days that he's wanting to mention Ron Paul. He's going on vacation for 2 weeks. We have time, what do we do?

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Promoting Paul in national magazines

I was thinking how much would it cost to have advertisements in some of the more circulated magazines. Typically buying ads can acquire matching editorial space.

For example, AARP is a lobby group for retiree's but also has the second largest distribution in the US. How much would it cost to advertise that Ron Paul would allow seniors to keep their 401k's tax free...? That he would end the wars and make it so savings retained value, so $500 saved for their grandkids, would still be worth $500 when they retired.

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