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Politico: Mitt Romney Doubling Down in Miami Today (9/21/2011), “I told them (Iowans), corporations are people"

Mitt Romney is doubling down on his “corporations are people” line.

Speaking to a town hall-style gathering at a Miami airport hotel, the former Massachusetts governor repeated the line he first said last month at the Iowa State Fair.

“I’ll communicate to the private sector, by the way, that we like you,” Romney said in response to a question about how to encourage banks to lend more money. “We like enterprise. I was in Iowa the other day, and people suggested that we just raise taxes on corporations.”

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Governor Malloy is an idiot according to Wiki

"Dannel Patrick Malloy was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. Malloy is the seventh of seven sons and youngest of the eight children of William F. and Agnes Egan Malloy. As a child, Malloy suffered from learning disabilities and difficulties with motor coordination. He did not learn to tie his shoes until the fifth grade and was considered mentally retarded by his elementary school teachers. Malloy was eventually diagnosed with dyslexia and learned the skills necessary to succeed academically.

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