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DON"T watch the president next speech! Spread the word!

i've got an idea. lets spread the word! dont watch the next obama speech! lets ignore him, the way he ignores the american people! we can always hear re-run clips afterwards if we really care what he says. the point is, lets not give him the satisfaction of having anythiong except utterly dismal ratings. he allready believes he's pretty special, why not show him that he's no better then any of our other evil, corrupt politicians! ignore him! all he ever does anyways is play the pass the blame game. let him know we are tired of the game, and we are tired of him!

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Please Continue to Ignore

The media ignoring us is the best thing that ever happened to the campaign. People want an outsider. They have given us a great gift. They are cementing Ron Paul as the quintessential outsider.

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FoxNews.com Front Page- The Silent [Ron Paul] Revolution? Media Ignore Paul, Study Finds

Despite his army of grassroots supporters and a strong finish in the Iowa straw poll, the media are ignoring the "Ron Paul Revolution," the presidential hopeful says - and a new study suggests he may be right.

Nine of the twelve potential presidents surveyed attracted more media attention this year than Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a study from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellency in Journalism found.

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What the [expletive]? Read this Fox News Article and scratch your head in wonder


This is silly.

Fox News carries a story about how mainstream media sources are purposefully ignoring Ron Paul?

Did you say they also quote Dr. Paul in a manner which makes him appear diplomatic and sane? Unbelievable...

Welcome to the Twilight Zone guys... welcome to the Twilight Zone...

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The Daily Caller - Jack Hunter : "Ron Paul Doesn't Fit The Media Script."

The Daily Caller - Jack Hunter : "Ron Paul Doesn't Fit The Media Script."


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Go Ahead, Ignore Him.Please!

Leave the blinders on, please! Go about your business CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, Time, and all you other old-school media outlets. Continue to ignore your own polls, continue to name front-runners, continue to pretend Dr. Paul doesn’t exist….we want you to! It’s nothing new to us. We’re the wackos, the crackpots, the extremists, the outliers who are just spouting our incoherent babble. Go ahead and cut away to a cute dog doing back flips, there’s nothing to see here.

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UK Telegraph: Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul

Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul
By Tim Stanley

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