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DAILYKOS Front Page! Secret Government Panel Can Put Americans on "Kill List"

Even some liberals get it...

You could call it a latter day Star Chamber, a secret panel, operating in the White House, that decides the fate of American militants.

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Romney secretly and illegally funded Perry

Note: This is the type of the scandal that the establishment press doesn't want to cover, because it takes down both frontrunners at once.

It might be hard to imagine after last week’s GOP presidential slugfest, but there was a time not too long ago when a group headed by Mitt Romney quietly—and a judge says illegally—helped Rick Perry’s political career in Texas and set the stage for his new nemesis to rise on the national stage.
And what hasn’t emerged before are court files reviewed by The Daily Beast stating that Romney was personally aware of the origins of the $1 million donation from a Texas homebuilder at the heart of the controversy, and that he discussed it with Perry’s campaign aides.

Edit - new article, additional details, may be lying under oath to cover it up :(

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Study: Most new Texas jobs (81%) went to immigrants!

I wonder how much his support will drop after people hear about this. Spread the word!


Study: Most new Texas jobs went to immigrants

With both jobs and immigration likely topics of sharp debate at tonight's Republican debate here in Florida, a new report suggests that newly-arrived immigrants have filled a majority of new jobs created in Texas, home to Republican frontrunner Gov. Rick Perry.

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Indiana Supreme Court Rejects Claim of Right to Resist Illegal Police Entry into Your Own Home


The Indiana Supreme Court has affirmed its controversial ruling that Hoosiers have no right to ever physically resist police entry into their homes.

In a 4-1 decision, the state's high court said Tuesday the common law rule that "a man's home is his castle" cannot be used as a defense if a person is accused of attacking a police officer entering a home in an official capacity.

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UPDATED-- California Schools Turn Away Unvaccinated Students !!

This is insane!! If you live in California and have found a way around this PLEASE POST FOR OTHERS!


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Ron Paul mentioned in this article : The way to solve our illegal immigration problem in the United States!

OMG : This was Ron Paul being mentioned on Herman Cain Forums. W00T!

As most of you know we have a huge immigration problem in america, it is so much of a problem it is estimated it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to deport illegal aliens in this country; however; the problem is not that we have open borders or that we don't have a fence or wall surrounding the border, the problem is what our representives in washington have created, which is an entitlement system the encourages the motive for illegals to come to this country.

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∞ Something simple I like to do when discussing Libya

I like to make this statement...

Imagine if NATO intervened in the civil war, and chose the side of the rebels...

You almost always get the response, "Isn't that the case?"

To which I reply, "Yes. Now let me add one word."

Imagine if NATO intervened in the American civil war, and chose the side of the rebels...

Just thought I'd share a simple, easy and effective way to make a great point. Have a great day all.

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