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We should occupy voting booths

I think we should be very careful about 'occupy anything'. As these 'protests' grow they are bound to get ugly, somewhere sometime. I have been seeing video clips of Ron Paul signs on TV when they talk about these protests.

I am growing increasingly concerned that some a$$hole is going to throw a rock or a bottle at a cop, and sooner or later one of the cops will over react in some way. You KNOW this is going to happen sooner or later as this 'movement' grows. That one event will be a trigger and then all hell could break loose.

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Image means a lot - Perry gets this

Today I had breakfast at McDonalds as I sometimes do. The restaurant has a flatscreen, normally tuned to CNN.

The volume is medium/low and most times the diners don't watch as newscasters cover various topics, like sports stories etc.

But today as I went to find a seat I noticed several people staring attentively at the screen. I thought something important must be happening, maybe the president giving an announcement. Well, not quite.

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Hire Marc Carey!

This is from Marc Carey's Bluegrass Bulletin today. I agree and I repeat "Come on Ron, please let those of us who really like you help to polish your image."

September 08, 2011
Bad Moment For Ron Paul

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