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Ron Paul Could Do It

I really do think that, if he took the nomination, Ron Paul could potentially win the general. He couldn’t have done it in ‘08—he was simply too far out back then—but there is a slim chance that if he got there this year, he could do it. It’s definitely not a 100% possibility; I’m not saying he would, I’m saying he could. Why do I think so? Because of things like this, which I found in National Review Online last week:

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Open Primary State Stategy: Democrats and Independents for Ron Paul

Got to the Coffee Shop early for the Des Moines Meet-Up. Wanted to put something together to help promote the Open Primary States. I noticed someone asking for the list to be done by Date, so that's what I did, with some links to polls and articles and a case for Democrats and Independents to pull the Republican Ballot when they go to vote:

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No Competing Democratic Primary

Because there is no competing democratic primary, Ron Paul will do better in the primaries this time around. The Blue Democrat initiative is a head start that we didn't have in 2007-2008. Also, independents who would otherwise vote democrat, will more likely vote Ron Paul if they vote at all.

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