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War - A cycle of misdirected Revenge

Revenge - a part of the human psyche.

Often quoted, often celebrated, often maligned.

The Leading Cause of War.

How then can World Peace be achieved?

The philosophy of individual freedom, championed by GOP Front Runner Ron Paul.

Full freedom by definition includes the ability to pursue one's own self improvement, unrestricted.

Revenge is an instinctual part of the human psyche but self-improvement is an even greater one.

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You wake up to find an intruder in your house.
Fearing who it is, you kill them.

Should you go to jail?

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USA Today - Ron Paul: Individual mandates make matters worse

The idea that more government involvement in health care is the solution, especially at a time when the nation is dealing with record deficits and debt, is preposterous. And the promised effectiveness of forced mandate health care is easily disproven by looking at how such a system has worked in Massachusetts.

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The State of the Police in a Police State ~ Judge Napolitano

Is the job of the police to police FOR you or to police YOU? And if the police watch you - who watches the police?

Originally aired 6/10/11 on "Freedom Watch"

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Defending Ron Paul: Abortion and Human Rights

Defending Ron Paul: Abortion and Human Life -

This is a video series from Matt Ribar and David Kretzmann analyzing's 8/26/11 article on Ron Paul:

"5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution -- 'Cuddly' Libertarian Has Some Very Dark Politics"

Thanks for watching!

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Ron Paul could gain more supporters by K.I.S.S.- Keeping It Super Simple

People would discover that they agree with Ron Paul on more issues than they think if he would keep his explanations of his views positive and simple.

For example, more people need to know that it doesn't make a difference if they share the personal views on abortion or drug legalization because he doesn't think the Federal Government should be involved in our lives on that level anyway. This needs to be drilled into people's heads because the media keeps bringing it up like it is a deal breaker.

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