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Video: Why Women Support Ron Paul

Check out footage from our photoshoot last Sunday, and why women support Ron Paul in 2012.

Made in OC, California.

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TSA Rolls Out Intelligence Gathering Scheme at Airports

By Kurt Nimmo

The TSA insists citizens can possibly avoid cancer-causing naked body scanners and sexual molestation pat-downs if they elect to divulge personal information to the government.

“A select group of travelers may find it easier Tuesday getting through security checkpoints at four major U.S. airports in return for voluntarily providing more personal information to the federal government as part of a new pilot program,” the Associated Press reports.

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Manufactured consent Noam Chomsky 3 1 of 17

I haven't read his books but this series is great - I'm on #3 1 of 17 -

Great information so far...

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Big Brother is Coming: NSA's $1.9 Billion Cyber Spy Center "to Determine Who Among Us May Be, or May One Day Become a Terrorist"

One hundred twenty acres, buildings totaling one million square feet, drawing 65 million watts of power, at a cost of $1,900,000,000.00:

"Once vacuumed up and stored in these near-infinite 'libraries,' the data are then analyzed by powerful info weapons, supercomputers running complex algorithmic programs, to determine who among us may be - or may one day become - a terrorist," Bamford writes. "In the NSA's world of automated surveillance on steroids, every bit has a history, and every keystroke tells a story."

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Ron Paul: the Thinking Persons Candidate

The point of the title is that it requires intelligence to understand Dr. Paul's stances. Who doesn't like to think of themselves as intelligent? If we frame the debate this way, then we encourage everyone that considers themselves intelligent to join our cause.

If anyone makes T-shirts or bumper-stickers, I would buy one with this statement on one side and 'Vote Paul' on the other. Please contact me.

This makes it the 'in' thing only cool people do. It will become even more popular to support Paul.

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Domestic Intelligence Force: the NYPD After 9/11

Published on Aug 24, 2011 by AssociatedPress

The September 11th terrorist attacks not only transformed the lives of ordinary Americans, but it also changed the way the nation's largest police force, the NYPD, does business. (Aug. 24)

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