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Ron Paul and Islam. Paul's foreign policy good for Israel.

Excellent Molotov Mitchell video on why Ron Paul's foreign policy is good for Israel and everybody.

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Ron Paul and Islam

This was a pretty great video explaining Ron Paul's foreign policy! This guy did a good job explaining what Ron Paul would do and why he thinks it will work!

Apparently these videos are made by Molotov Mitchell and there are more. I think they are pretty awesome from what Ive seen!

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Ron Paul and Islam! Molotov Mitchel

This video is really very good. At first i had doubts but is covers all the necessary points. I don't know if it has been posted before and sorry if it has. If so the MODs can feel free to send it to never never land.


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Answering the supposed mandate to defend Israel

I've been discussing the lack of Cain's merits with a friend who likes most of Ron Paul's views, except for his foreign policy. I have sent him Tom Wood's recent video (which is great:

My friend says that he is afraid Ron Paul would act like Chamberlain. He said,

"What I am referring to specifically is the fact that Chamberlain turned a blind eye to the Jewish plights while 10s and 100s of thousands of Jews were slaughtered... I can see Dr. Paul doing the EXACT same thing."

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TIME: Viewpoint Why Fewer Young American Jews Share Their Parents' View of Israel

Dana Goldstein Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011

"I'm trembling," my mother says when I tell her I'm working on an article about how younger and older American Jews are reacting differently to the Palestinians' bid for statehood at the United Nations. I understand the frustrations of the Palestinians who are dealing with ongoing Israeli settlement construction and sympathize with their decision to approach the U.N., but my mom supports President Obama's promise to wield the U.S. veto, sharing his view that a two-state solution can be achieved only through negotiations with Israel.

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The Real Risk of Terrorism

This was pretty good..... now what needs to be done is a cost comparison of how much we spend for each of these vs. what we spend for military intervention overseas.

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Two first-hand reports from people

Hello, all. I have a friend who has been working in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries for quite a while, running specialty tours for people from all over the world. This is a man I've known since we were in the eighth grade, and that was in '73-'74, so I've known him a long time.

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Ron Paul: US Shouldn’t Block UN Recognition of a Palestinian State . The State Column

Ron Paul: US Shouldn’t Block UN Recognition of a Palestinian State

Read more:

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Why did Obama give bunker-buster bombs to Israel?

Bush refused to give Israel bunker-busting bombs, but Obama gave them the bombs two years ago. As the article asks: "Why is this being leaked now, when it happened over two years ago?"

full article:

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The I agree with Ron Paul on everything except Israel argument

***As the one that wrote this I respectfully ask, stop fussing back and forth if you aren't Christian and don't know anyone that is, go read something else it wasn't written for you. Find another way to help Dr. Paul get elected and do something useful with your time. The ones that like myself that are Bible believing Christians can use this for a good. The reason I wrote it is to show a big chunk of people that would vote for Paul except for this one issue what the Bible which they claim to believe says about it.

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Map of a Single Israeli-Palestinian State

I've always wondered what this would look like, so I decided to make a map myself. Took a bit a research to actually find the current districting and what a single-state would look like.

Posted this in off-topic because it is, but posted it here because I keep noticing this issue come up on the forums.

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BIG NEWS: Palestine UN Bid Upside, Israel's Hoes, World War 3

"Interestingly, along with the Jerusalem post reporting that the majority of the Israeli people (70%) saying its time to recognize a Palestinian state,Haaretz came out with a headline the other day and basically flat out said Netanyahu must be stopped from attacking Iran...they understand this push to attack Iran is all coming coming from Bibi Netanhayu... Iran is not a threat to anybody, Iran has never invaded and tried to conquer another country since they became an Islamic republic in 1979... in fact they haven't done it for 200 years.

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Want the Republican base? Let's talk about ISRAEL!

Many of the Republicans that I have talked to about Ron Paul will say things like "I agree with everything he says, but his foreign policy sucks."

Usually when Ron's asked about foreign policy he explains that these wars are unconstitutional and unaffordable. He also goes into the concept of blow back and explains that terrorism is a consequence of occupation, rather than an attack on "who we are." These are good points to make when addressing a rational person.

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'US secretly sold Israel bunker-busters'

US President Barack Obama secretly authorized the sale of 55 powerful bunker-buster bombs to Israel, a report by Newsweek magazine says.

The 55 bunker-busters are reportedly small-sized GBU-39 bombs which have been designed to enable jet fighters to carry a higher number of bombs in place of a single one-ton bomb.

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United Nation started this mess in 1947

Ron's last sentence in after-debate interview. What did he mean? Creation of Israel?

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