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Back to back Ron & Rand Interviews 12:00 & 2:15 PST Today @Jerry Doyle Show

Jerry Doyle who will be broadcasting at the LPAC today will talk with Ron and Rand...stay tuned.

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CA Straw Poll: September 17 ~ Vote For Your Freedom

Can we pass this along and share for people who can get down there...(coming from a Californian) we GOTTA get past the liberal Californians that inhabit the southern part of our state!!! Ron Paul 2012!
Read this thoroughly:

Ron Paul Los Angeles
Winning L.A. County for Ron Paul in 2012

California Republican Convention

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Jerry Doyle today

Jerry Doyle is talking with Dick Cheney toady, should be a good show!

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NEW Jerry Doyle Poll About Ron Paul

Is Ron Paul Too Old? Vote Here....

ht tp:// w w w.jerrydoyle .com/

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Jerry Doyle Interviews Jefferey Lord On His 6-page Anti-Ron Paul Piece in The American Spectator

This was an interesting interview. Jerry allowed Jefferey Lord to explain himself and his accusations.

You can hear it here

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Jerry Doyle Won't Back Down - Supports Ron Paul Auditing The FED

I think Jerry is getting the message from our support....

Yesterday he gave Ron Paul props for wanting to audit the FED.

I believe today he is going to further unravel the corruption in the FED and the SEC. This guy used to work in the stock market and knows what he's talking about.

I listen to him here starting at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern - http://www.talkstreamlive...

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