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Jerry Doyle on Occupy Wall Street - He Supports It

A nationally syndicated conservative talk show host supporting OWS? NO WAY......

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Video: What Do Bill Clinton, Agenda 21, Ron Paul and the New Economic World Order Have In Common?

Jerry Doyle explained it on his show today. This guy totally gets it. BRILLIANT!

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We Buried Sean Hannity's Ratings Online Last Week - Let's Keep It Going

We crushed Sean Hannity's ratings on Friday and to all of you who participated, I want to thank you for helping me out. I had no idea the response would be that big. For all 3 hours that Sean Hannity was on the air, he was knocked out of the number 1 spot that he has held on to for years.

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Let's Crush Sean Hannity's Ratings Today - You Can Help

Sean Hannity dominates the airwaves between noon and 3pm pacific time Monday through Friday. I'm looking to change that and am asking for your help.

Taking on Hannity's radio affiliates is a monumental task that I am working on. However, taking on his internet ratings can be done easily.

We have mastered the art of winning every online poll for Ron Paul. We dominate the internet. Here is a way we can start to dominate the online radio ratings and start pushing out the phony conservatives.

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Jerry Doyle Gives A Preview of His Speech At LPAC Thursday Night - "The Opt-out Revolution"

Jerry hinted at what he will be talking about at LPAC 2011 tomorrow night in Reno.....

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Talking The Talk Or Walking The Walk - I Need To Vent A Little

I've noticed a good number of people commenting lately that seem to have an issue with the ad that called out Rick Perry or Jerry Doyle mocking other politicians.

It's been frustrating for me to see the people that think that all we have to do is talk about how great Ron Paul is and talk about the Constitution and sing a Ron Paul song on youtube and vote on every online poll.

These are great ways to make us feel good and keep us feeling like we are doing something but folks, you have to understand that we are simply preaching to the choir.

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Video: Jerry Doyle On The TSA and FEMA - "Rick Perry Needs to Listen To Ron Paul "

On Jerry's show today. Nice explanation of Ron Paul's points on the TSA and FEMA. He calls out Rick Perry and how he should be thanking Ron Paul for having the right ideas..

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NEW VIDEO - Jerry Doyle Slams Perry and Defends Ron Paul - Amazing Radio Segment

Jerry Doyle hit a home run again for Ron Paul and for what we are fighting for. He destroyed Rick Perry, destroyed Rick Santorum and then said things about Ron Paul that we have been wanting ANYONE in the media to say. This was sensational.

Folks, after hearing this today, I think it is obvious that we have have a powerful ally in Jerry Doyle.

He needs to keep hearing from us. If you have a minute, send him a message and let him know what you think about what he had to say today.

He reads his emails. I have seen numerous people commenting on here that he wrote them back personally. He did me too.

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Jerry Doyle is covering the Ron Paul / Rick Perry Situation Today - Guest is Jack Hunter

Jerry is going to have Jack Hunter on his show today at 1:30 pacific to talk about the new Ron Paul Ad and Rick Perry's response.

I was blown away at how Perry's knucklehead campaign staff fell for this hook line and sinker. I think Jerry is going to have a field day with this.

Jack Hunter is the official campaign blogger for Ron Paul and did a great interview on Jerry's show a couple weeks go. Should be great today.

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Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle Is Putting His Career On the Line For Us - Please Read

If you aren't familiar with Jerry, let me bring you up to speed. Jerry has the 6th largest radio show in the country. He is on 200 stations nationwide and has 4 million listeners. He's managed to position himself over the years in the top tier of conservative radio with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, etc.

The stations he is on are for the most part right-wing neo-conservative stations even though his opinions and principals are independent and leaning towards libertarian.

Recently when Ron Paul was completely ignored by the media after the Iowa Straw Poll, Jerry stuck his neck out and slammed the likes of Rush and Hannity for pretending Ron Paul didn't exist and for being bucket carriers for the Republican Party. You can see the video of this here:

ONE WEEK LATER after going after Rush and Hannity, WTNT, Jerry's affiliate in Washington DC cancelled his show and replaced him with a neo-con.

Jerry respondeded to this on his show the next day after a Ron Paul supporter called in to thank him for sticking up for his principals:

WTNT was SLAMMED with phone calls from Ron Paul supporters protesting the cancellation of his show for speaking the truth. We did a great job sticking up for Jerry when he went to bat for us.


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