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Gov. Jesse Ventura Attends End the Fed/ Occupy Wall St.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura dropped by Minneapolis to support ‘Occupy’ protesters. Ventura pointed out that the face of the movement cannot be dictated by Democrats or Republicans because both parties were “bought and paid for” – and that he never took a dime in corporate money to get elected.


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To Jesse Benton: The 9/11 Question & Answer

So I have been doing a lot of research, reading newspaper articles, blog posts etc, about Ron Paul’s response to the question asked by Santorum and Blitzer on 9/11. And I think I have arrived at one of the core concerns that the "main street" people have about Pauls answer regarding the cause of 9/11.

I think to the uneducated common voter, Paul comes off looking like he is JUSTIFYING 9/11. Like he is JUSTIFYING the killing of 3000 American civilians.

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Left and Right must unite for PEACE

"The hands of the many must join as one and Together we'll cross the river"

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Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura Might Run Together

I found it very interesting that Ron Paul mentioned that a fence on the border could be used to keep Americans in. Something Jesse Ventura has mentioned as well in the past. I believe these two men should run together as Independents in the general election.

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good perspective on Jesse Benton

I came across this video regarding the petty fighting between the Kokesh camp and the RP campaign chairman Jesse Benton. it puts it in perspective, we need to move on. I see a lot of Kokesh supporters getting all bent out of shape, and it makes me sad that we let this stuff get in our way.

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Is it time to stop questioning only the MSM about lack of media coverage? Update #2

In the last several days I've heard multiple reports of Ron Paul or his campaign declining or not responding to media requests.

First it was CNN, then FOX and O'Reily, then the whole RT thing. Now it seems the New York Times needs to be included in media outlets that have wanted to cover Ron Paul, but have not been able to get what they need.

The NYT was doing a story on the candidates' positions on Libya.

From Tom Woods' blog:

Ron Paul and the New York Times

A correspondent writes:

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Video: Jesse Benton On MSNBC 8/22/2011

Video: Jesse Benton On MSNBC 8/22/2011


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Who Is Jesse Benton? Someone please..

Answer me.. Is he a friend of the family? How did he get to be the campaign manager?

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Jesse Benton To Russia Today, "Ron Paul does not do interviews with Russia Today. No one watches you guys anyway".

Adam Kokesh announced on his show tonight that this will be the last show of Adam vs. The Man, but didn't say why. However, he did say he interviewed Ron Paul on May 4th of this year, and since then has tryed numorous times to have Congressman Paul back on the show, with no reply.

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