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via Politico: Jesse Benton "No time for the bottom tier"

via Politico:

Rick Santorum lashed out at Ron Paul over his comments on the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki last night, prompting this response from Paul adviser Jesse Benton:

"We don't pay a lot of mind to the bottom tier candidates."

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Ron's Long Term Strategy

So I saw last night in the debate, when asked about a VP Ron deferred. He basically said, I'm polling third and when I eventually move into the top 2 I will choose a VP. From his answer, seems to me that the strategy is to slowly grow momentum. I think the campaign is holding their cards tight, waiting to play them.

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To Jesse Benton: The 9/11 Question & Answer

So I have been doing a lot of research, reading newspaper articles, blog posts etc, about Ron Paul’s response to the question asked by Santorum and Blitzer on 9/11. And I think I have arrived at one of the core concerns that the "main street" people have about Pauls answer regarding the cause of 9/11.

I think to the uneducated common voter, Paul comes off looking like he is JUSTIFYING 9/11. Like he is JUSTIFYING the killing of 3000 American civilians.

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Old-Media Clutching at Straws to Try and Dampen Grassroots rEVOLution

CROWN POINT, Ind. - Three weeks ago, a source inside MSNBC indicated the Rachel Maddow show was in process of attempting to dig up potential dirt on the Ron Paul 2012 campaign in hopes of halting Dr. Paul’s rising poll numbers and entry into the top-tier of Republican candidates in a manner similar to her attack on Senator Rand Paul.

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Campaign Responds to Perry's Attack and Fake Rhetoric

The gloves are off...

LAKE JACKSON, Texas - ( – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign continues to challenge Rick Perry in the lead up to tonight’s Republican presidential debate. Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton released an open letter to Gov. Perry focusing on his record as Texas head of state, pointing out inconsistencies with his new Tea Party rhetoric. See text of letter below.

Subject: Rick Perry Can’t Handle the Truth

An open letter from Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton

Dear Governor Perry,

After our campaign’s first ad highlighting your Big Government record and support for liberal Al Gore, your campaign is attacking Dr. Paul – missing the point of why your past is important.

We don’t think the fact that you used to be a Democrat is the big problem here.  The real problem is that, too often, you still act like one.  Even you yourself, Governor Perry, said of your party switch, “I will still vote the same principles, only with an R after my name.”

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