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Rand Paul on CNN John King

Talking about FEMA and govt shutdown.

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Save the Republic

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The last time Iran started a war.

A lot of talk has been going on surrounding RP and his position on Iran.

Stossel made some great points while defending RP on O'Reilly Factor (Caution - Bill is the biggest moron ever in this video)> Jump to 03m 00s for the Iran talk.

I think that telling people that Iran has not started a war in 200 years is a great point to make while supporting this position. The US can't even go 2 years, let alone 200 - so which country is really the greater danger to mankind?

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John King - Graphic shows Bachmann's name for Ron Paul's 9%.

I'm watching John King. He's talking about Perry. Brings up graphic about the "front-runners". Shows Perry, Romney, and Bachmann (at 9%). Even though the graphic shows Bachmann, he says that Ron Paul is third at 9% and Bachmann is at 8% (but Ron Paul's name is not even on the graphic).

This is very sloppy, probably sleazy reporting - this is why the lame stream media is loosing it.

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Brigadier General John Adams

This artical is about Brigadier General John Adams

This is just the ending of the artical you see here.

It is important to note that Adams’ views are representative of what appears to be a growing number of military members opposed to America’s foreign policy and military spending. After all, GOP presidential Ron Paul has garnered more financial support from active military members than any of the other Republican presidential contenders combined, and it is in large part because of his message of non-interventionism and how that policy would contribute to fiscal sanity.

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Paul Campaign Applauds Boehner For Requesting Change of The Day for Obama Joint Session Speech

Paul Campaign Applauds Boehner For Requesting Change of The Day for Obama Joint Session Speech

Paul initiated talk of objecting to President’s call for a joint session

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – Today, the campaign of 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul released a statement applauding Speaker of the House John Boehner for requesting that President Obama change his plans for a joint session of Congress in order to give a speech laying out his economic plan on the same day as a Republican presidential debate. See comments from Paul campaign spokesman below.

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John Bush speaks about Sustainability at Austin City Council (Agenda 21)

John Bush, executive director of Texans for Accountable Government, tells Austin City Council that by promoting "sustainability," they are actually destroying equity in Austin by driving up property taxes and forcing poor people out of their homes.

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Get 'em to riot, then use riot to justify loss of freedom/security for all

This is how they do it folks. (there should be a name for it)

For example, John Spritzler explains this tactic in his blog:


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GEORGIA Straw Poll - please help!


John Dennis's Freedom & Prosperity PAC has a solid plan to help RON PAUL win this weekend's Georgia GOP straw poll, using a very unique method they used to help at the Ames Straw Poll.

But they need our help to pull it off.

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SFGate: He'll get attention in CA: Ron Paul to join Michele Bachman at GOP state convention in September

As we reported this week, more GOP candidates might be showing up to the blue state convention now that Bachmann is the Friday keynote speaker -- and the party has decided to hold a straw poll that could juice up interest and passions among grassroots activists and the media in the nation's most populous state.

But John Dennis, who chairs the California Republican Liberty Caucus and is a Paul supporter, said his candidate has had somewhat of a rough time getting a foot in the door of the convention.

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