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The Tea Party Facebook group is not on our side. Duh?

"Libertarian Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Gary Johnson now share the same official position with the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, that the killing of confirmed Al Qaeda terrorist Awlaki by the U.S. armed forces was an "illegal" action even though the U.S. was attacked by Al Qaeda on Sept 11, 2001 and Awlaki was a confirmed Al Qaeda leader. Today, Al Qaeda confirmed that they share the exact same position. Share your thoughts about this."

Go read some of the comments. We have some defenders fighting the good fight, but overall's not going so well.

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Gary Johnson: Awlaki was 'entitled to due process'

By Justin Sink - 09/30/11 01:38 PM ET

Gary Johnson joined fellow Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul in criticizing the drone killing of U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen, saying he had "mixed feelings" about the strike since he believed Awlaki to be "entitled to due process."

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Johnson VS Paul

Here is Gary Johnson being wishy washy on the two Americans being assassinated.

Notice its not a question of style...

Ron Paul gets right to the heart of issue.---What is really upsetting is not that bad guys have been killed, its the fact that the 5th Amendment & due process has been assassinated---.

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Political Advertisements

I just have a question. I know you need money for the site and advertising is a great way to get that. And I'm not complaining about all of them, only one. Why the heck do you have a Hermain Cain ad running? If you have to advertise for someone else than Dr. Paul, could it at the very least be Gary Johnson. At least Johnson tries his best to be constitutional. Cain is a neocon warmonger.

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Johnson Coverage Used to Dilute Paul's Message?

SLATE (Washington Post) is crediting Gary Johnson with "the best line of the night" at the Orlando debate. When another forum post on DP suggested that MSM was trying to set up Johnson as a "rival" to Paul, I dismissed the idea. Now I'm not so sure. From what I can see, Paul has gotten his usual smidgen of press from his consistent principled and lucid contributions. Johnson gets this screed from the Washington Post's news blog, implying (or, rather, actually saying) that Johnson is doing a better job at being Ron Paul.

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Let's Get Something Straight

Gary Johnson is a great man he has always been on the side of the constitution, he had a great speech at Dr.Paul's convention in 2008 Google his name b4 you make any claims against him.HE IS A MANS MAN,he has climbed to the top of the highest peaks in 4 or 5 continents he was known as the VETO governor, vetoing all that was UN-constitutional his hero and mentor is Dr Paul just like us.

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Gary Johnson's effect on Ron Paul

I do believe in Media conspiracy, I've gone over this in my blogs as to why I know it exists.

I subscribe to the notion that Gary Johnson was let in the debate in an attempt to dilute Ron Paul's vote.

However, I think that it failed miserably as Gary Johnson being there just made Ron Paul look like less of a transient, that is, Gary Johnson's arguments simply supported Ron Paul's arguments, thus appealing to more as mainstream.

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Video: Gov. Gary Johnson to Obama on Dog Poop! 22 Sept 2011 (Best one liner)

"My next-door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration." - Gary Johnson

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What's up with Gary Johnson?

It seems like someone took Ron Paul's views and packaged it into a slightly younger person. What are they playing at?

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JOB WARS: Ron Paul and How Hemp Could Be a New Hope

Despite what the mainstream media may want you to believe Dr. Paul's message of small Government and maximum personal liberty is finally resonating with a growing majority of the general public. In the Ames, Iowa debate his knowledge and positions on foreign policy, the economy and monetary policy continued to differentiate himself from all the other Republican candidates who seem to serve only the maintenance of the status quo.

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Keeping an eye on Gary Johnson

They share the same position on most issues, are both libertarian, so it should be interesting at least, possibly even instructive, for us Paul supporters to keep an eye on Gary Johnson.

Here is a good story on a recent Johnson appearance in New Hampshire, complete with photo collection and videos.


Johnson Talks to Concord Rotary [VIDEO]
Candidate tells business owners why he is running for president.
By Tony Schinella 5:46am

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An Open Letter to the Left by Tim Dobbins

To the Left, From a Leftist: Some Remarks on the 2012 Election

I'll get right to the point. I'm concerned about the 2012 presidential elections, mainly, for two reasons: 1) although Obama promised change, we have yet to witness it—rather in domestic or foreign affairs—and to believe that he can actually deliver on his word is a belief built on sentimental clichés and one void of any intellectual analysis; and 2) the thought of Perry or Bachmann entering the White House may actually induce many to hold the unsubstantiated, sentimentally-backed beliefs previously mentioned.

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