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Herman Cain Forums freaking out over Judge video : Everyone I spoke too at Occupy DC said they are voting for Ron Paul HAHAHA!

This is priceless, they are all talking about it on facebook now too, HAHAHA!

We need to start posting over there and convert some of these people if we can.

Check it out : http://www.hermancainforums.com/index.php/topic,1015.0.html

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Daily Paul Member Dustin Reid on Freedom Watch


I was on Freedom Watch tonight to discuss why the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street should work together.

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Paul discusses Al-Awlaki, the Fed and the economy with Judge Napolitano (10/4/11)

Congressman Paul discusses Al-Awlaki, the Fed and the economy with Judge Napolitano.
Freedom Watch Oct 4 2011


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Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Pt 1/2 9/26/2011


A must watch interview im working on uploading part 2 right now just be patient and up vote this and please comment

UPDATE: pt 2 http://youtu.be/wgva9quVSI4

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Where is Judge Nap?

I don't think he's been on FBN in 2 weeks. Kinda jonesin ;)

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The Judge Is back!

the judge is back and you know hes gonna agree with ron paul and tear fema a new asshole whose gonna watch it tonight at 8pm
:update: it seems he is not back who knows when they'll
bring the judge back

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What happened to Freedom Watch?!

Im looking ahead and all week Freedom Watch is no longer at 8pm, it looks like they replaced it with something called Varney and Company, while FW is only at 11pm now. Does anyone have any information on this??

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Judge bans facial expressions

Caught on tape: Keene, New Hampshire blackrobe John Arnold articulates a lengthy list of forbidden activities to his liberty-leaning audience.


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