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Rand Paul on Freedom Watch: "They're On Their iPhones, Wearing Designer Jeans"


"They are on their iPhone made by Apple Inc. They are wearing designer jeans their parents bought them. That's the kind of stuff I'm annoyed with when they say corporations are evil."

The Judge talks with Rand Paul about the presidents jobs bill, and Occupy Wall Street..

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Where's The Judge??

I needed to see the Judge tonight -- has he been yanked? Wanted to hear his take on Barky's assasination.

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My FIRST Ron Paul Video.

http://youtu.be/0SmQ4VWXWac (edit: new link, different ending)

I saw some news earlier that Judge might be under heat from his establishment network for telling the TRUTH. That was my inspiration behind this short work. Please enjoy, comment, vote up and give me feedback.

Thanks, Not Will

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What did Front Runner Ron Paul not get to say in the last Debate?

Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), visits Manhattan to talk about the debt, why the military loves him and what he didn't get to say in the last debate.

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

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