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They fight for us, we must fight for them.

This is why I am involved, this message makes me proud to be a part of this movement. Here is the message of TRUE compassion, Truth and Integrity. Peace and Friendsip. I can't think of any other message that can bring the most Americans together than the one in this simple, thoughtful video.

They fight for us. Do not forget to fight for them.


QUESTION: We can all agree that the message represents us all. What part of our movement influences you the most?

Is it the wars? Monetary policy? The rule of law? What say you?

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America Needs A Doctor!

This post/poem is a portion of a blogpost that was written on Constitution Day @ http://4libertysake.com/2011/09/17/america-needs-a-doctor/

Our cries have been many while falling on deaf ears.

Our fights have been plenty while receiving few cheers.

Our work, while rewarding, is done with few peers.

and this country we love, while ailing, remains something we hold dear.

You can’t steal it from us, it’s not yours to take.

We were created for it, in a bond no man can break.

You can’t take it from us, it’s not yours to steal.

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You wake up to find an intruder in your house.
Fearing who it is, you kill them.

Should you go to jail?

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Justice in the courts is a core critical principle of liberty and Ron Paul's message

Justice is a core principle of Liberty. Without understanding the due process of justice Constitutionalists after winning the current revolution will again be infiltrated by the cockroaches that think very carefully about due process and how to manipulate it in order to take opportunity amongst the ignorant.

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Our family friend was killed 10 years ago today.

If you read some of the comments from people who knew him, you'll see what a tragic loss it was.

Pete grew up in a small town here in Texas, made it to "the big city", and had the job and wife he dreamed of. He was the pride of the small Greek community where he came from, before he was needlessly killed.
He was one of those people who had a naturally magnetic personality, and a genuine charm. He wasn't a guy you easily forget. Many people are mourning his death today. He is just one story, of thousands(now millions).

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S. 306 contact your Senator immediately

Sen. Jim Webb of VA has been very responsible to put forth S. 306, which will review our criminal justice system, from top to bottom. There are a number of endorsers to this legislation. It deserves your support, contact your US Senator to co-sponsor & support. This is an urgent matter, this is 1 of the major problems this country has, right up there w/ taxation, the Federal Reserve. If the WDC switchboard is closed, at least call 1 of their state offices. Yes, Uncle Rand should co-sponsor it, too.

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Remembering our friend who was killed on 9/11

As I sit here and watch Fox News shovel the BS, and perpetuate the lies that were accepted and repeated by the 9/11 commission, I think of our friend Peter Moutos who was needlessly killed on 9/11.

As you can see from Peter's tributes, he was one of the nicest, most caring, and beautiful people to have ever walked this Earth. There is a large group of people who have been devastated by his death, and are grieving this very day. He had his whole life planned out up until retirement, only to be snuffed out while in his prime.

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