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Lew Rockwell: Why Herman Cain Won

And to these great points I would add:

1) Herman Cain is from Georgia, which is a neighboring state to Florida. Cain also won the Georgia Straw Poll and one reason Bachmann did well in Iowa is that it neighbors Minnesota. He's got very loyal supporters in that region. Oh, and of course, they canceled the Texas Sraw Poll so we'll never be able to advertise a Ron Paul beatdown of Perry in their home state.

2) This was not a typical straw poll whatsoever. You had to be a delegate and had to pay $175 to vote.


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Artist making a huge statement next to the KC Fed

Another example of how the good Doctor's message is becoming mainstream!

He said he managed to round up 117 shipping containers in different colors to make a seven-story stack near the Liberty Memorial. The project, which sits just across the street from the Federal Reserve Building, will soon spell out "USA" on one side and "IOU" on the other.


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