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Mitt Romney's Economic Adviser: Gregory Mankiw is a Keynesian

Last night's debate Romney was asked who gives him his economic advice. And guess what - he said: Gregory Mankiw. Now check Gegory Mankiw on Wikipedia:

'New Keynesian Economics' He is an author of such classics as:

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Difference between Keynes & Hayek.

Planned vs. Free Market. Excellent video from the Mises Institute 45 minutes by Dr. Roger W. Garrison of Auburn University.

Simple & easy to understand. Great for jumping into the fundamental differences between the two.

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Estonia rejects Keynes, grows at 8% - does NPR understand the subject at hand?

Estonia takes a play our from President Warren Harding and Mises and does not buy into stimulus, after a contraction of 13.9%, they are now growing at 8% - only the experts at NPR do not know enough of our own history or Austrian Economics to realize the reasons for Estonian growth, and how it related to our own crash in 1921. President Warren Harding's policy of not intervening in the market were continued under Calvin Coolidge in 1923, much like George W Bush's policies of intervention were continued under Barack Obama.

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