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Thank You Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord!

With the release of the caustic article by Jeffrey Lord in the American Spectator, and further whetted by the wily and cantankerous talking head Mark Levin, conservative thought in foreign policy has been brought to the forefront. Levin and Lord, in their ex-cathedra pronouncement, have claimed a sin has been committed by the sly Ron Paul, who, it is asserted, is surreptitiously holding on to liberal views while claiming to be a conservative.

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Russell Kirk on the Iraq War and America's Empire. Very Much Like Ron Paul

I had never heard about Russell Kirk until I heard Tom Woods mention him on a video. He is supposed to have been a great conservative who actually wrote a book, "The Conservative Mind".

So off I go to do some research on him. I found a lecture that he gave at The Heritage Foundation.

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Do Conservatives Hate Their Own Founder?

Thomas Woods takes us back to Russel Kirk's opposition to U.S. militarism:

Here's one excerpt:
Butterfield wrote in Christianity, Diplomacy, and War, "that democracies can only be keyed up to modern war — only brought to the necessary degree of fervor — provided they are whipped into moral indignation and heated to fanaticism by the thought that they are engaged in a 'war for righteousness.'"

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