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Ron Paul is the 13th Floor, No mention of RP in LA Times Article

No mention of the good doctor. I say let's fill the comment section with valuable information about our future President.

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CNN Poll: Obama would beat Ron Paul by just four points

"If you are looking for signs of President Obama’s vulnerability, there are plenty to be found in the latest CNN poll. But one number stands out: If that hypothetical election were held tomorrow, Obama would beat Ron Paul—yeah, that Ron Paul—by just four points."

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VIDEOS: Ron Paul speaking in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Sioux City, Spencer ~9/20, 23/11

Baton Rouge, LA (Grand Opening of Louisiana's campaign headquarters) 9/23/11
"Nearly 500 activists and supporters attended the Grand Opening of Ron Paul's Louisiana campaign headquarters in Baton Rouge on Friday night- proving that the r3VOLution is truly reaching new heights! The Congressman apparently spoke for only a few minutes, after a long day of events and travel. The interviews are few and far between at this point- but the campaigning is at a fever pitch."

Orlando, FL (Meet and Greet) 9/23/11
"On Friday morning, Rep. Ron Paul fit in a meet and greet with supporters at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida"

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Putting pot in its place

With a Rand study showing an increase in crime after some medical marijuana dispensaries were shut down, L.A. needs a better policy toward such facilities.

September 24, 2011
A Rand Corp. study this week seemed to nip the conventional wisdom about medical marijuana dispensaries in the proverbial bud, contradicting statements from law enforcement officials that these facilities are magnets for crime. On the contrary, Rand researchers said, crime actually increased in the vicinity of hundreds of L.A. dispensaries after they were ordered to shut down.

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LATimes Ignores RP again - comments needed

Articles focuses on the #3 son-of-a-billionaire Jon Huntsman instead of the #2 "iconoclast" RP (while an apt adjective, most readers will think its something bad)

Leave a comment letting the author know he should focus on RP

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LA Times- Ron Paul in Third Place, Polls Say. "first tier"

By Michael Muskal

September 20, 2011, 9:33 a.m.
Quietly, and very much under the radar, Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who no pundit believes has a serious chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination, is staging a bit of comeback, returning to his position as a solid No. 3 candidate in the GOP race.

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Ron Paul Booed! La Times

From the LA Times Dot Com Blogs:

Ron Paul, long a darling of such gatherings such as the one in Tampa on Monday, was roundly booed during the CNN/Tea Party debate for suggesting that American foreign policy helped contribute to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Paul was upbraided by former Sen. Rick Santorum, long a hawk on taking on radical Islam on a global scale.

"You said that it was our actions that brought about the actions of 9/11," Santorum said. “Congressman Paul, that is irresponsible.”

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Ron Paul 3rd in LA Poll, not measured against Obama like others, non-whites move to Paul

They didn't poll Paul vs. Obama because they didn't want to reveal how Paul has the best shot to win over any other GOP candidate. They chose to match the three that do not get crossover from Independents or Democrats against Obama - another earlier CNN Poll showed that Ron Paul leads all GOP against Obama.

"Candy Crowley Lies About Ron Paul's Chance to Beat Obama..."

They don't want another poll out there like that one.

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