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Breaking The Neoconservative Stranglehold on Talk Radio - It Can Be Done - Are You Game?

Yes it can be done.

It would take a loosely organized effort.

I'm putting a plan of action together and am curious...

Would you be willing to set aside 10 minutes a day over the next 14 months leading up to election to crush the phony conservatives on the radio?

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Bonehead: Mark Levin needs a direct confrontation by the campaign. Enraging rant enclosed.

Levin just goes nuts tonight and starts spewing complete lies.

Ron Paul hates America first.

This rant is enraging because he completely misquotes RP and twists his words to make him look as bad as possible.


Help straighten this site out - will you?

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Justin Raimondo On Neocon Smears

The Return of the Smear Brigade

Neocon takes aim at Ron Paul – and misses

by Justin Raimondo

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Thank You Mark Levin and Jeffrey Lord!

With the release of the caustic article by Jeffrey Lord in the American Spectator, and further whetted by the wily and cantankerous talking head Mark Levin, conservative thought in foreign policy has been brought to the forefront. Levin and Lord, in their ex-cathedra pronouncement, have claimed a sin has been committed by the sly Ron Paul, who, it is asserted, is surreptitiously holding on to liberal views while claiming to be a conservative.

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Mark Levin's Jejune Attacks on Jack Hunter and Mike Church

Mark Levin is at it again. Boy, is this man pretentious or what? His intellect in "debate" is like that between two five year olds arguing over pieces of candy on the playground. You will notice the smears, the name calling, the lack of substance, basically a childish reply. This is the man who refused to debate Tom Woods. If he's so tough, so big and haughty, he would certainly wipe the floor with Tom Woods, right? Or Kevin Gutzman? No, he just retreats and smears, retreats and smears, recycle and do again.

To Jack Hunter:


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Mark Levin guides his listeners to this article tonight, and now we are labeled neoliberals and anti-semites!


This is the worst article I have seen yet. Time to take over the conversation, this is outright lies!!!! Let's load up the comment section, we have a lot to rebuke. Let's get to work!!!

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The Treachery of Mark Levin the anti-American

Shock jock media personality Mark Levin is no conservative. He sings a nice tune alright, like a pied piper leading conservatives astray down the path to bigger and bigger government. He is a slick and devious big government, statist merely wearing a cloak of conservatism. His most fitting nickname is his well-deserved title “The Great Con.”

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