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Show THIS to the Liberals at OWS

If there was a way I could get all the participants at OWS to watch this video, I would. If you can get people's emails at OWS, please consider sending this video to them. Tom Woods tailors this video directly to the concerns and objections of progressives, and knocks it out of the park in spectacular (and rational) fashion:

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Respect to the RP effort but the greatest sngle opporunity of your generation you will let slip by?

Guys, brothers and sisters in liberty,

What you are seeing with Occupy Wall Street is real and it's big, it's a wave so large that it dwarfs us.

Reports are in: they know we have problems and we have the solutions.

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Ron Paul's Ability to Work With Others

Ron Paul has shown a tremendous ability to find common ground with individuals who have a different ideological mindset. Throughout his career, Paul has worked with Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Bernie Sanders.

Ron Paul's Ability to Work With Others:

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Help please; ALTERNET: Can We Win Over Ron Paul Supporters?

Please help educate these poor commenters on this Alternet article. Be nice and try not to let the nastiness, ignorance and sophomoric banter throw you off from representing the rEVOLution with style, grace, intelligence and patience.

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Day After "Debate", Two Liberal Heavyweights Defend Paul

It just seems so fitting, of course. I now see why Rush said what he did today about Ron joining the Democrats. Grrr. Their "support" hurts Ron with the neo-con crowd.

Ralph Nader: Americans ignore the cause of 9/11

After attending a 9/11 panel in northwest D.C. on Monday, Ralph Nader told The Nation‘s George Zornick that Americans had mostly ignored the reasons that the terrorist attacks occurred.

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Right Now, It Doesn't Matter How Many Liberals We Get

I have seen alot of people excited to get "independents and liberals" on our side for the coming election: this is my issue with this thinking.

Right now, Ron is trying to get the REPUBLICAN Nomination. Although, yes, some independents and Democrats MAY switch for the primaries, many will not and we CANNOT bank on that. We need to focus our efforts on getting REpublicans to support him right now, as hard as that may be.

I just don't want to see effort wasted.

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Need help: Things Ron would realistically be able to do as president?

I'm working on a blog post about Ron Paul directed at my liberal friends. I'm hearing more grumbling about Obama than usual so I think it's time to strike :).

Two points I want to highlight are 1) Ron's compassionate transition plans and 2) the difference between Ron's philosophies and things he'd actually be able to accomplish in the face of congress.

Regarding the latter, it seems to me that the things liberals are really scared about (shutting down the department of education, IRS, FDA, etc) tend to be the ones that would never pass congressional approval anyway.

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Can I get some advice for arguing with a liberal?

Hi, I recently had a respectful argument with a guy in my dorm about regulation. He insisted that even though the government is often inefficient in regulating corporations, that it is still preferable to deregulation and that the benefits outweigh the costs. He said that without clean air and water laws, that he would have had a 50/50 chance of living or dying by his age (18). I responded as best as I could, but I would love some advice on how to respond. Data and real historical examples to support my argument are preferable.

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