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Video Update Minorities: "If you don't Support Ron Paul you're going to Get what you Deserve"

Powerful no holes barred Pronouncement by Minorities & Ron Paul on War, Discrimination, Drugs, War, Terror & You

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Poll: OK to trade some freedoms to fight terrorism


WASHINGTON -- Surveillance cameras in public places? Sure. Body scans at airports? Maybe. Snooping in personal email? Not so fast.

The same Americans who are increasingly splashing their personal lives across Facebook and Twitter trace a meandering path when asked where the government should draw the line between protecting civil liberties and pursuing terrorism.

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It's clear to see who are the criminals in Arizona.

Inmate Visits Now Carry Added Cost in Arizona
Published: September 4, 2011

For the Arizona Department of Corrections, crime has finally started to pay.

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An Open Letter to the Left by Tim Dobbins

To the Left, From a Leftist: Some Remarks on the 2012 Election

I'll get right to the point. I'm concerned about the 2012 presidential elections, mainly, for two reasons: 1) although Obama promised change, we have yet to witness it—rather in domestic or foreign affairs—and to believe that he can actually deliver on his word is a belief built on sentimental clichés and one void of any intellectual analysis; and 2) the thought of Perry or Bachmann entering the White House may actually induce many to hold the unsubstantiated, sentimentally-backed beliefs previously mentioned.

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