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Ongoing Talk Radio Blitz for Ron Paul to Educate Americans on Issues; Get him Nominated

Let's use the media to get Congressman Paul nominated. Let's do it by using the talk radio shows but rather than starting out talking about Ron Paul (which we all know just immediately puts the talk host on the defensive where they start attacking the caller and hang up on them), let's play dumb and ask the hosts leading questions on the issues.

Here are some approaches. We can start out by saying something like this to Sean Hannity, for example:

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Limbaugh said he would vote for Obama over Ron Paul

Rush Limbaugh this morning said that except for Ron Paul (and John Huntsman), any one of the other candidates at last night's CNN debate would be an infinitely better president than Obama.

This coming from a CONSERVATIVE???

Limbaugh disagrees with Ron Paul who is absolutely correct about why we are terrorized.

Limbaugh apparently thinks it's just fine and constitutional to attack any country the president wants.

And that bombing and killing people in the middle east had no relationship to what they did on 9/11.


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Breaking The Neoconservative Stranglehold on Talk Radio - It Can Be Done - Are You Game?

Yes it can be done.

It would take a loosely organized effort.

I'm putting a plan of action together and am curious...

Would you be willing to set aside 10 minutes a day over the next 14 months leading up to election to crush the phony conservatives on the radio?

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Can people vet this about Rick Perry with links

I said I wasn't going to e-mail you about Perry but changed my mind. I can't stand by and say nothing like I did with Bush.

I began keeping track of Perry when he began his second term as Governor because I didn't like what I saw. So here goes. Please forward this to all your friends. YOU DO NOT WANT PERRY. You think Bush was bad. He doesn't hold a candle to Perry. If Perry becomes President he will be your worst nightmare. I don't care for Obama one bit but I like Perry a lot less.

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Hello to my fellow "Nuts On Parade."

Here is the video of Rush Limbaugh calling Ron Paul and his supporters "NUTS ON PARADE" who will "Destroy the republican party."

Way to go Rush - You Neo-Con war-monger...

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