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Ron Paul would reduce the government to nothing

I was out taking a stroll in Time Square today and saw a mini protest - a small group of people wearing orange prisoner outfit, with a sign "Guantanamo" on one of them. A lady was there handing out flier. She gave me a flier and told me that the current president had failed to do as he promised before the election.

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My God, He's like a hockey goalie!

The questions come firing in from every angle, yet he keeps snuffing them out from his consistent,"tried-and-true" viewpoint. Twenty three years later, he's asked the same questions and he gives the same answers. When will America understand he is the best man for the job and he's not in it for his own good?
Also See: Unwavering Consistency, Unparalleled Foresight

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Ron Paul's Morality: Limited Government, Maximum Freedom

I am new to this site, although not a new Ron Paul supporter. I was an ardent Obama supporter in 2008 and even traveled to DC to see him sworn in as President, so convinced was I that he was the change this country needed. (I need not elaborate on how that turned out...) It was Obama's great betrayal to the cause of liberty that made me search for a new champion, and I have found it in Ron Paul.

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