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Influential Christian Conservative Hal Lindsey of "Late Great Planet Earth" book; mentions Ron Paul anti-FED

Hal Lindsey is an influential Christian conservative with daily Christian television programming has taken Ron Paul's positions of constitutional due process of criminal U.S. citizens mentions Al Awhaki assassination case and also supports Ron Paul's position on auditing the FED, and lectures Christians about the fraud that is the FED. He mentions Ron and Rand Paul as standard bearers leading the fight against the FED, in 30 minutes Hal Lindsey report of 10-7-11 that is televised nationally on TBN, DayStar television network and the Inspiration Network. Link

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For those that wanna see what Lindsey Williams said 1986

Lindsey Williams on Jonathan May - Plans of the International Bankers for the World 1986.

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

Part 4

Part 5

A Pretty interesting presentation a long time ago. A faster pretty snappy Lindsey for those that think he nowadays is not getting to the point. Ron was also snappier in younger years.

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Lindsey Graham Holds a Who is Ron Paul? Blimp Ballon
Hot-Off-Press folks, Lindsey Graham endorses Ron Paul!

by SCHotline Reports

Yes true that, you saw it here first. Our sources tell SCHotine that Liberty-Activist Brian Frank was simply tooling around in a parking lot outside of the APP’s Palmetto Freedom Forum, minding his own business when the good Senator insisted quite rudely our sources do say, upon a picture with the famed activist Mr. Frank.

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