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Please use this comparison sheet for tabling and canvassing

I have loaded a candidate comparison to my FB pages: ronpaulforlibertydc and occupythemedia DC - as well as to some meetup groups in early primary states, though i haven't gotten to all of them since meetup has restrictions as to postings. Please friend either of the Facebook pages and download the comparison sheet. It was used at the Value Voters Summit in DC and a lot of people said it had a high impact. OR you can email me directly at and i'll reply with the document.

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Facebook: Serbia for Ron Paul, though I can't take credit for the page.

Wow its Official I'm not the only one. If a small minority like my people are getting riled up this has to be in the bag. They Probably want Bondsteel out of their back yards. Its only the Biggest US Military base in Europe.

This is a good sign.

On a note related to a previous topic Incase someone is interested... I can't because I'm outside the U.S. but you never know... Its Elephant Rental Service.... Incase we want to appeal to Republican Symbolism...

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