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*If we built a wall on the Mexican Border

Hey guys,

I believe the ONLY way to solve the illegal immigration problem is to take away the incentive as the good doctor has suggested.

I am currently writing a lengthy hit piece on herman cain and could use some imaginative input.

Playing devils advocate. Lets imagine that we built a huge wall on the Mexican border.

1. How would it affect our relations, trade and travel

2. Would it effectively stop illegal immigrants?

3. Do you think we'd see "terrorist" efforts from mexico; war?


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*Just Logic: Black This Out! Are you doing everything you can?

Just wanted to remind everyone to do everything you can to support the Black This Out event. Donating alone isn't enough we must spread the word.

This is up to you and I.

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Dear Occupy Wall Street Protesters

I understand that your crowd consists of a very diverse range of upset people which, for the most part, I endorse as its nourishing for the American spirit. That said, I also believe that there are quite a bit of clueless people out there who are touting potentially dangerous ideas. I will address them in order; this list may be amended later.

Wealth Redistribution
Obama Supporters

Wealth Redistribution comes from the ideology that all rich people became rich at the expense of the poor using malevolent devices. This simply is not true and displays envy.

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Just Logic: Please follow me on Twitter!

Hey guys I know this is frowned upon but I would like to invite all liberty lovers to follow me on twitter.

How noble of me I know, but I really plan on writing blogs of real substance backed with facts. Once a week I'll post a new one and I will tweet when its online. So please follow me, if you have a twitter drop the link in the comments and I will follow you too.

blog: www.danbeaulieu.blogspot.com

twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/transfer_point

Criticisms Welcome! Thanks guys!

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Ron Paul Wins!?!?!

I'm so happy that I could cry. They give him no time to speak, launch a smear campaign, threaten, mock, and ignore his message, and he still wins! No army can stop an idea whose time has come! He is 76 but everyoung and I'm so surprised that he is winning that I really do not know what to do. I supported Ron in 2007 with a homemade banner made out of a shower curtain, but I thought it was a lost cause. A protest in the face of unstoppable tyranny.

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Arguing the existence of God is a red herring, and detracts from the cause of liberty.

When the issue of God comes up there always seems to be a great divide among the believers and non-believers. This divide is a red herring. For true believers or true non-believers arguing the existence of God is tantamount to arguing the color of the sky, the conclusion is obvious and anyone trying to force the argument is trying to mislead you, hence the red herring.

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