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Lou Dobbs wants you to tell him on Facebook how to "restore confidence and prosperity in America"

Give him an earful! Looks like a certain Daily Paul member, who shall remain nameless, already has, but has left plenty of room for other Constitutionalists, libertarians, and Ron Paul supporters to chime in. Don't just spam "Ron Paul 2012!" though - tell him what your ideas are (and then if you like mention how Paul will be the best candidate to carry them out)

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Dom Giordano Talks Behind Ron Paul's Back After Interview - 8/30/11

Dom Giordano has been Lou's primary fill-in each time he takes a break from his radio program. Lou has been friendly to Dr. Paul of late, so it's a wonder why he would tolerate this kind of behavior from his leading guest host. Check out these low-level, neocon attacks:


You can write Lou at lou@loudobbs.com

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Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs: "I'm Afraid There Will Be People In The Streets" 8/24/11


Thank you MOXy (and for the good title)

Ron Paul discussed entitlements, US businesses, reduction of government, Wisconsin, Tea Party movement, inflation tax, etc.

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