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A new TACTIC! Online polls and news.

My friends,

It is time for us to drive the news and the polls!

This is how we do it.

From this point forward, the first person that sees a negative poll or news article comes to the DP and gives a synopsis of it. We take that into account and DON'T repond. Let them do what they want. Who cares? We are winning and it is killing them.

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Great New Video

First, I would like to thank Gabedagreat73 on Youtube for putting this video together. It really touched me and reminded me that while our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and family are off fighting overseas to protect us. There is still a fight here at home that needs to be won. One where we are fighting for them. Please join me by posting below to support our troops and to keep fighting the battle here at home until everyone of them come back.

Please join me in standing and fighting for our Troops!

Now here is the video:

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Tired of fear propaganda

My son is 3 years old and when I listen and ask questions about free trade and non-intervention. I ask questions about free markets and Austrian economics. I ask myself what is the true meaning of liberty.

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Campaign Ad Ideas

Envision a scene where The Good Doctor is sitting at his desk, looking all presidential and such, and he reaches to the side and picks up a puppy. "Hi. I'm Ron Paul, and I love puppies!" he says as he picks it up and cuddles it.
(pause for cuddly-poo)
Dr. Ron looks up at the guy just off-scene, and asks laughingly, "You really think this will help me get elected? I just want to fix the deficit, end the wars, rescue Social Security, and put America back on the track to Liberty.
(pause while Doc admires the pup)
But it is true that I love puppies. (big fatherly smile)"

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Labor Day (Huge News)

The word of T-shirt day is officially spreading around everywhere, and there are going to be tons of people wearing shirts on Labor Day because of this girl.....

Let's go!!!

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Let's shower Chris Wallace with some LOVE!

everyone says how negative we always let's do a solid & flood chris wallace's email with thank you emails! does anyone have his fox email address?

it's imperative that we always remain grateful when our candidate is given a chance to speak fairly...and compared to how chris treated ron previously...this was a huge step forward. we owe it to Ron to represent him well...

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RP, Reason, and a unique opportunity for his gop nod

My take on the recent Reason magazine/Ron Paul dust-up. Many lessons here and a unique opportunity for Ron Paul's GOP nomination.


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FLASH!! Ron Paul Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show

FLASH!! Ron Paul Interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Jon Stewart-Daily Show Monday September 26 5:30pm Eastern Time Click on Events Tab

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Ron Paul Fight Song!

Gotta keep this in the hearts and minds of Ron Paul supporters!

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Viral video for the young guns of the Ron Paul Revolution!!!


"This madness! This malfeasance being conducted in our nation's and our children's names must cease!" - Humboldt Lagoon

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