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Matt Welch on FEMA "Of all the subsidies that are the most difficult to remove it is those that affect the rich"

I promised to point out the positive Ron Paul press that comes out of Reason Mag. I have three good ones today and they all come from Matt Welch who is editor and chief.

First is a you tube video on Freedom watch. Although Ron isn't mentioned specifically, he explains why FEMA is bad economics and should be repealed. Makes him one of the few on TV besides Ron taking this position.

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Time Magazine Article missing?

I just went to the store to pick up my copy of Time magazine to look at the glorious four page article on Dr. Paul, and lo and behold the article isn't there. There is one on Perry. Is it going to be next week or did they change their mind?

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TIME Magazine Pens Five Page Spread To Convince America Ron Paul Can’t Win

Time Magazine's 5 page spread on our candidate Ron Paul hits the stands today. However, a contradictory agenda spills out the corporate media's propaganda and talking point that Ron Paul can't win and that his views are too 'radical'.The article shares quotes from the article's author's personal website.

Read more here:

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TIME: The Prophet

Unfortunately, you need to be subscribed to read the whole article. If anyone could post it it would be greatly appreciated!!,9171,2090364,00....

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Reason editor on Fox
I think we should let her know of what we think of her goofy assessment of Dr. Paul.

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Promoting Paul in national magazines

I was thinking how much would it cost to have advertisements in some of the more circulated magazines. Typically buying ads can acquire matching editorial space.

For example, AARP is a lobby group for retiree's but also has the second largest distribution in the US. How much would it cost to advertise that Ron Paul would allow seniors to keep their 401k's tax free...? That he would end the wars and make it so savings retained value, so $500 saved for their grandkids, would still be worth $500 when they retired.

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