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Host a Debate For Ron Paul?

Sick and tired of watching the Mainstream media ignore Ron Paul, I think we should host our own debates and invite as many friends/Strangers and family that are not Ron Paul supporters and have them address their questions at the debate. That way Ron Paul gets more time to answer questions. Maybe other candidates can come in, maybe a celebrity can host it or participate or ask questions just like the people. This way the Mainstream media loses their views on TV. and the views are instead transferred to Ron Paul!

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Registered Just To Post This - What Woke You Up To Ron Paul?

What made you support Dr. Paul and how do we use that to recruit more supporters?

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BlackThisOut! protest-promotion at FOX/CNN/MSNBC HQ in NY, 15th-19th oct.

We Ron Paul supporters will be gathering at MSM FOX, CNN, MSNBC headquarters in New York for 5 consecutive days, from Saturday, 15th till Wednesday 19th october, to raise our voice against blatant media bias and ignorance towards Ron Paul and his Presidental Campaign and to promote 19th october BlackThisOut! moneybomb, the ultimate Ron Paul grassroots moneybomb, as our responese to that.

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Ron Rolling the Mainstream

New Rick Perry 2012 Add

Join The Ron Rollers on facebook Ron Roll everybody you know! The Ron Rolling Revolution has begun!

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BLACKOUT The Mainstream Media Day

Not sure if this was thought up before... In wake of the mainstream media (CNN,FOX,NBC, etc.) treating Ron Paul unfairly I think we should schedule a day where we turn off all of our tvs at once and not give them views. I believe if we can get their views to drop significantly it will send an impact on them. Not only that but also email their advertisers as a heads up (e.g. maybe suggesting that Ron Paul should have adequate time during the debates in the emails, Doesn't he deserve it?). Hopefully this will encourage them to allocate more time to Ron Paul.

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The Hill satire- Ron Paul Should kidnap Christie

Here is how Ron Paul can win. He can kidnap Chris Christie. Hold Christie hostage in a cabin. With Christie now receiving the media adoration once given to the buffoon Donald Trump, then poured on the hapless Rick Perry, my kidnap plan could propel Paul to the White House. Here's how it would work:

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Johnson Coverage Used to Dilute Paul's Message?

SLATE (Washington Post) is crediting Gary Johnson with "the best line of the night" at the Orlando debate. When another forum post on DP suggested that MSM was trying to set up Johnson as a "rival" to Paul, I dismissed the idea. Now I'm not so sure. From what I can see, Paul has gotten his usual smidgen of press from his consistent principled and lucid contributions. Johnson gets this screed from the Washington Post's news blog, implying (or, rather, actually saying) that Johnson is doing a better job at being Ron Paul.

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Who Does America Really Support?

USA votes recorded by location, ignored by Fox News themselves, green is Ron Paul:

Ignore the Mainstream Media Lies!

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Don't complain about Media Blackout - send your finished articles to the media instead

I recently read the excellent book "Flat Earth News" by Nick Davies in which he explains the main reasons why the mass media today are just churning out distortions and lies.

The main reason he (himself an experienced journalist) identifies as not enough time for fact checking. The reporters are forced by the corporate media to just recycle what PR agencies, the government, or other sources have sent to them.

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MSNBC article: Ron Paul finishes second at Ames, gets ignored - why?

By NBC’s Anthony Terrell

In the week following Congressman Ron Paul’s second-place showing at the Ames Straw Poll, where he finished just 152 votes behind Michele Bachmann, Paul’s fellow Republican presidential candidates are echoing his decades-old message on monetary policy -- even if the original messenger is left out of green rooms.

Paul’s reaction to being ignored by most in the media was on display at an office opening in Concord, N.H., Wednesday. "In this day and age, they are not as relevant as they think they are,” Paul said, adding, “We have enthusiasm, rightness of our cause and another little gadget called Internet.”

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What the [expletive]? Read this Fox News Article and scratch your head in wonder

This is silly.

Fox News carries a story about how mainstream media sources are purposefully ignoring Ron Paul?

Did you say they also quote Dr. Paul in a manner which makes him appear diplomatic and sane? Unbelievable...

Welcome to the Twilight Zone guys... welcome to the Twilight Zone...

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