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MSM Outrageous Spin: "GOP's values voters reluctantly support Romney"!

After winning the Values voters straw poll by a decisive margin, what was Ron Paul's publicity reward?

Well according to the title of the ABC News article reporting the event, it was a lukewarm endorsement for Romney. (?!?!?)

Of course their "competing" news organization at CBS will call them on it, right?

"Values Voter straw poll organizers suggest a fix in Ron Paul's win"

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Vanity Fair is "covering" Ron Paul

A bit cheeky ("take one for the team"), BUT, it's Vanity Fair and daily coverage, if anyone's interested:

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Julian Assange at Peace Rally

Assange continues to speak out against immense forces of evil, armed with no more than pure principles, intellect, and truth. Julian Assange and Ron Paul are in the top tier of heroes in our time:

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Fox News Lies to America: "Paul and Cain Win Values Voter Straw Poll"

Fact: Ron Paul won with 37% of vote. Cain came in 2nd with 23%.

For two to win, it would at least need to be close to a tie.

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Media Blackout: Gary Johnson on Stage with Ron Paul

Some here agree with me and some disagree, but I personally strongly support Gary Johnson's presence in the political arena. I think it's going to be multiply valuable in our fight to support Ron Paul and good national office candidates in general.

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"Black This Out" will be a cultural phenomenon.

But it will only work if we all become a part of it.

"Culture jamming" is a form of turning political ideas into an artistic movement. We have the ideas, we have the energy, but we need to start taking this to a new level and making this a cultural revolution, not just a political one.

The "Black This Out" October 19th moneybomb is the perfect opportunity. Ron Paul has been so ignored by the mainstream media that it's time we really bypass them and get all the attention we can get by being artistic and provocative.

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Enough with the conspiracy theories

Enough is Enough. When people at this forum discuss how Herman Cain might be a plant by the big conspiracy against Ron Paul it's gone too far. EVERYTHING isn't a conspiracy, sometimes Ron Paul just don't get the most votes.

People seem to act as if Ron Paul really is winning all the polls but the media is blacking it out, which really isn't true. Sure he doesn't get as much debate time as he deserves but common.

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Boycotting the Media

Great idea from a FB posting:

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Freaking Awesome Song

Switchfoot has a new CD called Vice Verses that has yet to be released. However, it can be listened to via

Go to that link and click to listen to Selling The News. Apart from it being an awesome song, it just sounds like it belongs in a "Liberty" vid.

Trust me when I say, this is not a waste of your time!

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Ron Paul Interest Surpasses Heavily Media Promoted Rick Perry This Week - Google Trends

Even though Ron Paul has received less than a third the media coverage of Rick Perry, interest in Ron Paul surpassed Rick Perry on Google Trends this week:

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Why The Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul?

Why The Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul?

A lot of politicians like to say that they are leading a movement, not running a campaign. In Paul’s case, that is actually true. And while Bachmann has seen her support diminish amid questions of her viability and some of her gaffes, Paul has no such concern because his backers don’t care if he’s not the frontrunner. They just want him to be true to his cause.

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Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Prepares to Handle Attacks

The Ron Paul 2012 campaign is not only relevant; it's a threat to at least one frontrunner and the campaign is now pivoting to handling attacks. In 2007, the Paul campaign was largely ignored by Republicans. In 2012, the GOP doesn't have a reason to ignore the Texas Congressman, as his numbers are favorable against Barack Obama.

What's different for Paul in the 2012 election?

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