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FEMA Disaster Grants Open to Corruption

Monday, 05 Sep 2011 11:06 AM

By Doug Wead

Gov. Dan Malloy of Connecticut called presidential candidate Ron Paul an idiot last Thursday while answering a loaded question on CNN, responding to Congressman Paul's concern about a bankrupted FEMA.

This government agency, founded in 1978, now doles out money to victims of natural disasters. Of course, Malloy is salivating over that well-earned money coming his way. His insult to Paul must reflect the high anxiety involved. It must be very stressful to have this whole notion questioned, right when you've won the lottery.

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Governor Malloy is an idiot according to Wiki

"Dannel Patrick Malloy was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut. Malloy is the seventh of seven sons and youngest of the eight children of William F. and Agnes Egan Malloy. As a child, Malloy suffered from learning disabilities and difficulties with motor coordination. He did not learn to tie his shoes until the fifth grade and was considered mentally retarded by his elementary school teachers. Malloy was eventually diagnosed with dyslexia and learned the skills necessary to succeed academically.

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Dannel Malloy can't type or write, yet he calls Dr. Paul an "idiot".

here's the cnn story:

Here's the story from New York Times that discusses Malloy's "disability":

Here's the excerpt from Wikipedia:

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