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Colorado mmj law in direct conflict with the colorado constitutional ammendment

It's old (July 2011) but I just just noticed a Colorado law that is completely in direct conflict with the state's mmj amendment. That being said it seems unenforceable. Seems like this would be a good place to make the fed respect marijuana law by forcing it through our local fascists heads that they cannot write unconstitutional laws.

The constitutional amendment allowing mmj in CO

CO HB 11-1043

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Obama Administration orders all California medical-marijuana outlets to close

"Federal prosecutors in California are threatening to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state, sending letters to warn landlords to stop sales of the drug within 45 days or face the possibility that their property will be seized and they will be sent to prison."

"The stepped-up enforcement appears to be a major escalation in the Obama administration’s bid to rein in the explosive spread of medical marijuana outlets that was accelerated by the announcement that federal prosecutors would not target people using medical marijuana in states that allow it."

The rest of the article is a the following link:

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Feds to crack down on medicinal marijuana dispensaries in California!

Looks like the Feds are going to crack down on the marijuana dispensaries in California. So much for Obama saying that the Feds would no longer intervene with the states regarding their marijuana laws after he was elected. More change we can all belive in!

SAN FRANCISCO — Federal prosecutors have launched a crackdown on pot dispensaries in California, warning the stores that they must shut down in 45 days or face criminal charges and confiscation of their property even if they are operating legally under the state's 15-year-old medical marijuana law.

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Feds Crackdown On California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries By Ordering Shut Down

16 dispensaries are threatened by the DEA and the Federal Government for shut down and their property seized despite following local state medical marijuana laws and regulations for selling them.

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Make legal weed, states Frank-Paul marijuana bill

Legalizing cannabis is a concept that will not soon go away. Bi-partisan legislation sponsored by Massachusetts's Rep. Barney Frank and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas tries to get rid of control over cannabis from the federal government's metal grip. According to Reason, states will then have the ability to choose on their own the best way to manage cannabis, including how to get tax profits. Source for this article - Frank-Paul pot bill seeks to legalize marijuana by

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Make your Choice!! Your Gun or your Medical Marijuana!!

HELENA — A gun group and medical marijuana advocates expressed outrage Tuesday over a new federal policy clarifying that it is illegal for medical marijuana cardholders to buy firearms and ammunition and for dealers to sell these products to them.

Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, and Kate Cholewa and Chris Lindsey, board members of Montana Cannabis Industry Association, separately blasted the Sept. 21 letter sent by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of the U.S. Justice Department to federally licensed firearms dealers.

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Regulate marijuana like wine initiative

This is a new initiative here in California. Judge Jim Gray needs people to help. Please join our group even if you do not live in Ca. This will not change medical marijuana law.

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Putting pot in its place

With a Rand study showing an increase in crime after some medical marijuana dispensaries were shut down, L.A. needs a better policy toward such facilities.

September 24, 2011
A Rand Corp. study this week seemed to nip the conventional wisdom about medical marijuana dispensaries in the proverbial bud, contradicting statements from law enforcement officials that these facilities are magnets for crime. On the contrary, Rand researchers said, crime actually increased in the vicinity of hundreds of L.A. dispensaries after they were ordered to shut down.

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The Hemp/Marijuana Fraud Prepetrated Upon Us


NOTE:This was a letter I submitted to The Sierra Club, NORML and other entities supporting the legalization of Hemp. To this date, I have heard nothing back from them.

A viable plan to derail past and current hemp/marijuana laws and legislation by suing the perpetrating families that still profit from the lies, deceit and fraudulent conspiratorial nature of those laws and legislations.

The People v the Hearsts

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Woman told to lose pot shirt at Willie Nelson concert

Willie Nelson wrapped up his State Fair set list with "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die" nearly two weeks ago, but Sally Stricker still is fuming.

On Sept. 4 -- about an hour before the concert -- state troopers cornered her by the insult clown's dunk tank, telling her she couldn't wear her T-shirt on the fairgrounds, she said.

The problem? Cannabis leaves on the front and back, with the words: "Don't panic, it's organic."

"They told me it was State Fair policy I could not wear something of that nature."

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H.R. 2306 Marijuana Phone Bomb

Today is the first day of the Marijuana Phone Bomb in support of H.R. 2306. All week long we're calling our representatives and asking them to co-sponsor this legislation for the repeal of cannabis prohibition.

Now is the time to act. Nearly 50% of the country wants to legalize marijuana. Educate your friends and family about marijuana and ask them to join our efforts at

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Norml, Vote Hemp, Mpp, LEAP

I emailed some of the the kind folks at,,, and to mention Ron Paul, and briefly, how he would help their causes.

If more DPrs can contact them, it could lead to more endorsements, or at least give Ron Paul's Marijuana, and Hemp legislation record more attention at their websites/Facebooks. That could end up reaching hundreds of thousands more potential RP voters...

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Ex pro-wrestler John Collado killed by NYPD plainclothes officer - another innocent vicim of the war on drugs

The war on drugs, which creates the problem it is tasked to defeat, claimed one more victim on Tuesday night when John Collado of New York jumped into what he saw as an attack on his neighbor and ended up being shot in the abdomen by a police officer who was pretending to be a civilian with a gun.

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PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves: Smoking Pot is "My Civil Liberty"

It would be great if he came out for Ron Paul as well.
his business is based out of Portland OR

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