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Welcome To Credit Collapse 2011

Welcome To Credit Collapse 2011
by TickerGuy Featured Host

It's here, and it's now. We're days - maybe hours - from another credit lockup.
I hope you're prepared... but if you're not, let's channel our anger constructively. We'll go over it all in 30 minutes or less.

Here is my comment I left on FB

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Swiss stock exchange bets on gold

Hi all,

Thought you might find this of interest. I originally came across it at

"Is gold becoming the new currency? The Swiss stock exchange will soon offer clients the possibility of having post-trade profits paid out in gold." - by Sophie Douez

As Ron Paul says in his book, The Case for Gold, it's not a question of if we're going to the Gold Standard, it's only a question of when.


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Matt Taibbi: The $2 Billion UBS Incident: 'Rogue Trader' My Ass

The news that a "rogue trader" (I hate that term – more on that in a moment) has soaked the Swiss banking giant UBS for $2 billion has rocked the international financial community and threatened to drive a stake through any chance Europe had of averting economic disaster. There is much hand-wringing in the financial press today as the UBS incident has reminded the whole world that all of the banks were almost certainly lying their asses off over the last three years, when they all pledged to pull back from risky prop trading. Here’s how the WSJ put it:

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Kent Snyder death without insurance.

WASHINGTON -- When CNN's Wolf Blitzer pressed Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) over what he would do if a 30-year-old uninsured man suddenly slipped into a coma and needed care, he did so, in all likelihood, not knowing just how personal a question it was for the Texas Republican.

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Inflating War

Here's a great article by Thomas DiLorenzo. Central banking and militarism are intimately related.

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Historical Proof for Free Market?

So i understand the logic behind all of Ron Paul's economic teachings, and they definitely make sense to me. Can anyone point me to specific historical evidence for its effectiveness? Like cultures around the world which have implemented the free market philosphies of austrian economics? Any good past civilizations or current? I somewhat familiar with Hong Kong...any others?

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Ron Paul Economics-for-Dummies Website

I posted this in "economics" too, but i think it could potentially help bring people over to our side.

This site does a really good job of laying out an overview of the system in a easy to understand way. Might help some people understand what Paul is trying to say when he gets the 30 seconds to explain the economy in the debates.

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A Ron Paul Economics for Dummies Website

This site does a really good job of laying out an overview of the system, might help some people understand what he's trying to say when he gets the 30 seconds to explain the economy in the debates.

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Don't Copy That Floppy (Official Video - Digitally Remastered)

I'm surprised this didn't work and we have so much piracy today, the rap was so catchy how come the kids just don't listen!!

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