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Iowa Update: I went to a Rick Perry rally.

So I went to the Rick Perry (George W Bush 3.0) rally. It was dumb, of course.

But when I finally met the governor I asked if I could ask a question and he replies "Sure but I don't have to answer it." I reply, "Hah..ha... Ok well in July you said that New York including same sex couples as eligible for marriage was fine b/c you believe in the 10th amendment, but then one month later you signed the NOM pledge saying you would try to amend the constitution to support hetero marriages only."

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Eastwood kinda sounding like Ron Paul

Not in Ron Paul's exact words but the meaning sounds the same to me.

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Clint Eastwood

Wish there was a way to reach out to Clint. I am sure he would support Dr. Paul on many issues. I like what he had to say about marriage.

Side not: We need more Ron Paul supporters posting comments on The Raw Story. Every time they have an article about him, dozens of dumb readers come out with their dumb misguided comments.

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Government-free marriage

Is it time to solve this gay marriage issue by just getting government out of the marriage business? Any thoughts? The ideas of this movement are explained on and on Facebook

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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