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Meet Cliff Kincaid, The Guy Who Shutdown Adam vs. The Man

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Cliff is the clown who went after Adam Kokesh’s show on RT with an FEC complaint which claims that, since RT is funded in part by the Russian government, Kokesh’s declaration of support for the Ron Paul campaign on his show constituted a breach of federal election laws.

Cliff edits and runs America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) , a pro-fascist web site which is supposedly dedicated to uncovering communists in the US government and media. Like all good fascist reporters, Cliff has written a litany of articles demanding increased American government spending and interventionism across the globe, while at the same time singling out various groups to target with biased hate speech.

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Yahoo: Is the media mistreating Ron Paul?

Obviously we're getting our point across! And lots of good comments too!

Is Ron Paul the victim of a media blackout?


The Republican congressman and 2012 presidential candidate was shut out of the Sunday public affairs shows this past weekend despite his neck-and-neck second place finish to tea party favorite Michele Bachmann in...

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UK Telegraph: Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul

Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul
By Tim Stanley

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