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Another Ron Paul Smear in the media

Myth: The protesters are pushing for anarchy, support violence and communism.

Myth-makers: Ann Coulter, The Washington Times, bloggers, New Hampshire Tea Party, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul did not say this. This is an obvious media attempt to turn people who may support Occupy Wall Street off from Ron Paul. We should comment and clarify.

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We Need To Protest At Fox News Headquarters!

I'm so sick of this crap! Congressman Paul loves to quote Samuel Adams when he says that, "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires in people's minds."

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Shafting the Poll's and Trimming the Top Tier

Here's a portion of a blog post @

At first, I just wrote the idea of a media blackout off as something that every presidential election hears when a candidates not happy with their poll numbers (some still do), but this year is so obvious that I can’t deny it anymore. In fact, Fox News‘ Freedom Watch show isn’t pulling any punches either when it comes to this issue. Judge Andrew Napolitano is just as upset as we are over the issue of the media blackout in regards to presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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Budowsky: MSM like Pravda when it comes to Ron Paul

Over the weekend Ron Paul won a big victory in the California straw poll, leaving Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in the dust. And polls are starting to show Paul in third place, though many media covering the campaign, imitating Pravda under the Soviets, ignore Ron Paul in their insistence the Republican contest is a two-person race.

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Someone at CNN didn't get the memo

There are times when even I want to round up as many members of the media as I can, put them in a Noah-type ark, set them off to sail and hope to never see them again.

Watching, listening and reading all the media reports about the GOP nomination essentially being a two-man race between former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the reason my blood is boiling.


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“Fair and Balanced” My Ass

This article from Egoist Philosophy Blog accentuates the obvious media bias of Dr. Paul; nothing we didn't know. However, it has the most incriminating visual evidence of the bias; some, if-not all, of the graphs we have seen before. Even so, it may be useful to prove media bias to someone who thinks the media bias argument is bs.

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