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Why is there no Nashville meetup?

The closest one appears to be in Cookeville. I'm curious about becoming a delegate and such, and it would be great to talk to some people in person. I'm hoping we can get one going at the Ron Paul Party in a couple of weeks:

Still, it just seems odd that there isn't one. I'm somewhat new to the Ron Paul scene, so I'm ready to get integrated.

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Anybody from Nashville?

There is a Ron Paul party I just found out about on the 28th.

But also, I want to get a ton of us from Nashville together to start working together. I've never planned any sort of "activist event" so I have no experience, but if I had a few people to band together with, I think we could get a Nashville meet up going on. Hopefully this Ron Paul party on the 28th will be a good place to start making connections and figuring stuff out. Anybody interested?

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Ron Paul attending Madison County GOP Meet & Greet in Winterset, IA 8-27-11

Madison County GOP Meet & Greet in Winterset, IA
Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Commit

Congressman Ron Paul will attend a
Madison County GOP Meet & Greet at the North Side Café,
61 W. Jefferson St. (N. of Courthouse),
Winterset, Iowa 50273 on

Saturday, August 27 at 10:00am Central

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Houston, Conroe, Spring TX Supporters: Ron Paul Sticker Army Meets This Saturday!

If you are in the Houston, Conroe, or Spring TX area, please join the Ron Paul Sticker Army this Saturday, August 20th at the intersection of I-45 and Sawdust Rd.!

The Revolution may not be televised, but we're getting the word out locally between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. We have about a dozen RP supporters committed thus far, and several more are "maybe's".

Let's put troops on the ground and spread the message of Liberty!

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