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The most corrupt members of Congress

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a non-profit government watchdog organization, released its annual report this week of the most corrupt members of Congress. The list includes 10 Republicans and four Democrats.

The Republican House members who made the list are Charles Bass (N.H.), Vern Buchanan (Fla.), Stephen Fincher (Tenn.), Michael Grimm (N.Y.), Frank Guinta (N.H.), David Rivera (Fla.), Hal Rogers (Ky.), Jean Schmidt (Ohio), and Joe Walsh (Ill.).

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81 Members of US Congress, led by Steny Hoyer, on Israeli Tour, Sponsored by AIPAC

Wondering where your congressman is these days ??

One-fifth of the US Congress is currently in Israel on a free trip sponsored by the American Israel Educational Foundation, an affiliate of the largest Zionist lobby in the US: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Although accepting free trips from lobbyists is illegal for Congress members under US anti-graft and corruption laws, the trips to Israel have been granted a special exception by the Congress.

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